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34s page out of the correct namespace should be move to patches. I cannot do it. Pier4r talk page 03.03.2018 16:23 CET

Wiki discussion page and wiki forums

I have tried to write something on other pages about discussion, but those seem only for test. So i'll explain some ideas here:

  • A talk page to organize the wiki and discuss about the content is a must for a wiki. I prefer the “old school” mode, like wikipedia's talk pages, i mean an editable page (or more) instead of a sort of thread (with or without disqus).
  • Avoid (another) forum about HP calculators, the community is already small so in my opinion is better to use MoHPC or comp.sys.hp48.
    Even if for some complex posts the wiki 1) is actually the best place, because the newsgroup “comp.sys.hp48” doesn't support images, the board of hpmuseum is able to support images but it archives quite “fast” a discussion, so a new user can't contribute.
    Thus, i will start forum namespace here, do you agree?
    • I didn't think about it a lot but do a new page (without archiving it) for each month of discussions seems a good organization.

Pier4r talk page 17.09.2013 12:30 CET

The “talk page” was added just yesterday Pier4r talk page 22.09.2013 12:20 CET

New user editor status

Some ideas:

  • Less bureaucracy: give to new users the editor status at least in a sort of “playground” namespace or add more moderators to approve them quickly, else the waiting time can kill the will to contribute.

Pier4r talk page 10.09.2013 10:30 CET

AFAIK it was done Pier4r talk page 22.09.2013 12:20 CET

Wiki dump for mirroring

Could the administrator provide a wiki dump periodically to do, in the case, a mirror of this wiki?

Pier4r talk page 10.09.2013 10:30 CET

I mean the wiki itself, not a disqus plugin that store the content elsewhere
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