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 +Could someone with the correct user rights change the author for the Periodic Systems ROM (entry 0x1ED) to me?
 +Could you not just upload a new version of the csv? If not, ask the admin. --- //​[[|Pierfrancesco]] 2017/12/17 01:49//
 +Hi Pier, you should be able to just edit that page directly. The CSV is inline, so just find the right line and put your info in there. If that doesn'​t work, get back to me and I'll investigate further. Right now, though, it looks like you shouldn'​t have any issues changing it.
 +Hi Bruce! Thanks for the answer! I did not ask the question (if you check the page history, it was '​isene'​) but I guess the answer is valid also for him. The problem is that people should sign themselves. Use the little "​pencil"​ in the line of the buttons, and you get the following signature --> ​ --- //​[[|Pierfrancesco]] 2017/12/19 11:51//
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