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 +<wrap info>​~~TALKPAGE~~</​wrap>​
 +====== Welcome to the HP Calculator Wiki! ======
 +This wiki was originally created to be a development home for repurposing the [[20b:​specs|HP-20b]] calculator, but has since grown to support several repurposing projects. It is our hope that this grass-roots approach to calculator hacking will expand to include other many HP calculator models and open-source projects. We have configured this wiki so that it supports all HP calculators and projects, and any and all new projects are welcome. If you know of other repurpose-capable calculators or calculator hacking information that could be interesting to our audience, please add to the wiki.
 +Everyone is free to read and partake of the information here. <wrap important>​Registered users will be able to edit, contribute and participate in all facets of this site. Registration is free, and takes only a few minutes ((For the activation of "edit permissions"​ maybe a day will pass.))</​wrap>​. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this site, please contact me and let me know what you think.
 +[[20b:​team-bergman|Bruce Bergman]], Administrator
 +===== New HP Calculators =====
 +[[Prime:​Start|HP Prime Information]]
 +===== User-Contributed Program Libraries (UCPL) =====
 +  * [[Prime:​UCPL|HP Prime]] ​
 +  * [[34s:​UCPL|WP 34S]]
 +  * [[15LE:​UCPL|HP-15 LE]]
 +  * [[41CL:​UCPL|HP-41CL]]
 +  * [[50g:​UCPL|HP-50G]]
 +  * [[rpl:​start|RPL]]
 +  * **New!** [[https://​​pythonrpn/?​hc_location=ufi|Python to RPN Converter (facebook home page)]]
 +  * **New!** [[https://​​|Python to RPN App]]
 +===== Most Recent Projects =====
 +[[43s:​project|WP 43S Project]]
 +[[34s:​repurposing_project|WP 34S (HP-20b/​HP-30b) Repurposing Project]]
 +[[41CL:​replacement_cpu_board|41CL (replacement CPU board for HP-41 owners)]]
 +[[20b:​repurposing_project|HP-20b Repurposing Project]]
 +===== Repurpose-capable Hewlett-Packard calculators =====
 +[[15cle:​specs|HP-15c Limited Edition Scientific Calculator]]
 +[[30b:​specs|HP-30b Professional Financial Calculator]]
 +[[20b:​specs|HP-20b Financial Calculator]]
 +[[12c:​repurposing_project|HP-12c (new ARM variant) Repurposing Information]]
 +===== Resources and discussion forums =====
 +<WRAP info>
 +  * [[resources:​start|Resources page]]
 +  * **Wiki-based community discussions**.
 +    * **2013**
 +      * [[forum:​community:​2013:​09-september|September]]
 +===== Browse the wiki =====
 +//See [[http://​​doku.php?​id=start&​do=index|Sitemap]] or press **Alt+X**((On windows))// \\ Highly recommended since a lot of useful pages are not directly reachable. ​
 +===== What's New? =====
 +[[http://​​doku.php?​id=start&​do=recent|Automatic list of recent changes]]
 +  * Major update to HP Prime page (Oct 2017)
 +  * Updated information on reflashing the WP 34s (Oct 2011)
 +  * Additional pages and a forum for the 41CL project, and brainstorming on the WP 43s project (Sep 2011)
 +  * Installed an experimental WP 34S online assembler/​disassembler (Jul 2011)
 +  * Added many pages for the WP 34S project (Jun 2011)
 +  * Added links for the 41CL and WP34S platforms and project archives (Jun 2011)
 +  * Posted a link to Dave's HP Museum Forums, and our own NEW HP Calculator Enthusiast Forums (Feb 2011)
 +  * Posted a link to the Hewlett-Packard for the HP-20b (2010)
 +  * Added some content about the HP-12C+ (2009)
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