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pier4r Added little snippets to create a list of 0 except a constant and incrementing or decrementing an element in a position
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pier4r added comment about threads discussing also the properties of data structures.
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   http://​​forum/​thread-8555-post-93881.html#​pid93881   http://​​forum/​thread-8555-post-93881.html#​pid93881
   ​   ​
-- list processing and commands missing from goferlist / listExt+- list processing and commands missing from goferlist / listExt ​and discussion about 
 +  list / vector data structures
   http://​​forum/​thread-8209.html   http://​​forum/​thread-8209.html
   http://​​forum/​thread-8555.html   http://​​forum/​thread-8555.html
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