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     * [[http://​​cgi-sys/​cgiwrap/​hpmuseum/​archv020.cgi?​read=193816#​193931|More results on savage benchmark (MoHPC)]]     * [[http://​​cgi-sys/​cgiwrap/​hpmuseum/​archv020.cgi?​read=193816#​193931|More results on savage benchmark (MoHPC)]]
   * [[https://​​forum/#​!topic/​comp.sys.hp48/​edMTAvGDH3k|Hint benchmark (comp.sys.hp48)]]   * [[https://​​forum/#​!topic/​comp.sys.hp48/​edMTAvGDH3k|Hint benchmark (comp.sys.hp48)]]
-  * [[http://​​forum/​thread-9750.html|Summation test benchmark (MoHPC)]]. Contribute with your calculator speed!+  * [[http://​​forum/​thread-9750.html|Summation test benchmark (MoHPC)]]. Summation used as iteration loop. Inner function using trig, ln/exp, powers/​roots. Contribute with your calculator speed!
 ==== Naive comparisons ==== ==== Naive comparisons ====
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