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Here are provided links to insightful discussion about various topics concerning the universe of HP calculators done by the community.

About calculators and math world

Accuracy and precision

Best of community discussions mainly about 49g and it successors (with rpn/RPL)


More math than programming

Regression, prediction, curve fitting and similar

Sorting and comparing

RPN and stack

Numerical integration

Find roots



Practice tasks

Contests / challenges / competitions

How the built in functions and mode works (Sort of "more explanations" or "detailed help" or "several examples" for commands)

Calculators tests

Naive comparisons

Algebric/Natural/RPN notation

Calculator specific

Hp 49g+ / 50g




ARM assembly

Hp 49 series

Hp 48 series

Hp 39 gII

Best of community discussions mainly about 34s it successors

There are tons of useful discussions about 34s! One or more 34s enthusiasts are needed. As well as other models (that will need other sections/pages).

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