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 +====== HP Prime Advanced Graphing Calculator ======
 +===== Quick Summary =====
 +|<html><br /><b>Manufacturer:</b> Hewlett-Packard<p><br /><b>Type:</b> Graphing Calculator<p><br /><b>Model:</b> HP Prime<p><br /><b>Part number:</b></html> |image|
 +===== Overview =====
 +The HP Prime advanced graphing calculator was released in September 2013 as a next generation calculator with cutting edge capabilities. It is primarily based on the [[39gii:specs|HP-39gii]] graphing calculator, but includes a high-resolution color, touchscreen display, an advanced CAS system and unique and innovative control capabilities for teachers and educators. The calculator still provides a number of advanced mathematics users, and can be programmed in [[Prime:Programming|HP Prime Programing Language (HPPPL)]] as well as via custom apps.
 +===== How to Create a New Article =====
 +This is how to create a link from this page to a new article and how to create that article in a page of it's own.
 +  - Edit this page.
 +  - Create a local link from the appropriate section of this page, about "Article" to the page prime:Article, where Article is the name of the page (must be unique), using Link_Text as the text that the link will be displayed as (that the user can click on). To see the formatting of a local link, you can copy an existing link, such as the "indexing" link in the Programming Documentation section below. Save this page. The Link_Text will be displayed in red indicating that the page doesn't exist yet.
 +  - Click on the red link text. A blank page indicating that this link doesn't go anywhere yet is displayed.
 +  - Click on the pen icon on the right and it will Create the non-existent page and put you in the wiki editor, where you can create your article.
 +  - After you've created your page, you can save it by clicking on the button on the bottom.
 +  - Then, if you go back to the previous page, the Link_Text text is now displayed as green instead of red. If you click on it, it will go to your newly created page.
 +  - Enjoy.
 +===== Team Members =====
 +[[wikiusers:pier4r:start|Pier4r page]]
 +[[wikiusers:webmasterpdx:start|webmasterpdx Page]]
 +===== Downloads =====
 +  * [[|HP Prime FTP Site.]] HP Prime's FTP Site.
 +  * [[|Prime BETA software sources]] BETA software versions for the Prime.
 +  * [[|Software.]] Firmware, HP Connectivity Kit, Emulator.
 +===== Prime Software Apps and Utilities/Libraries =====
 +Apps and small programs written for the HP Prime.
 +  * [[|Apps.]] Free Downloadable Apps.
 +  * [[|HPCALC.ORG]] Under HP Prime section, has various apps and utilities. This is where all complex programs and full Apps should be placed.
 +  * [[|Software Library.]] MOHCP HP Prime Software Library. This is where small programs and utilities should be placed.
 +===== User Guides =====
 +  * [[|HP User Guides.]] These are directly from HP's site.
 +  * [[|HP Prime Portal.]] HP Prime portal. Overview and colorful description of Apps. Is a nice overview of the Prime.
 +  * [[|Recovery/Diagnostic Mode.]] How to put the HP Prime into Recovery/Diagnostic Mode.
 +===== Forums =====
 +Here are a list of sites where you can get help.
 +  * [[|MOHPC Forum.]] Museum of HP Calculators Site. This is the best forum to request help on the HP Prime. Generally you can expect a reply within 24 hours.
 +  * [[|Omnimaga Forum.]] A Calculator Programming and Project Forum.
 +  * [[|Tiplanet Forum.]] Tiplanet Calculator Forum.
 +  * [[|CodeWalrus.]] Another Calculator Site.
 +  * [[|Cemetech Forum.]] Another Calculator Site.
 +===== Hardware =====
 +  * [[|Hardware Strip Down]]. This is a strip down of an early prototype and contains details of the internal hardware, including chip specifications, etc..
 +  * [[|Images.]] Photos of internals of HP Prime boards and components.
 +  * [[|CPU Datasheet.]] HP Prime CPU datasheet with block diagrams.
 +  * [[|CPU User Manual.]] User manual for the HP Prime ARM CPU (big pdf file).
 +===== Programming Documentation =====
 +  * [[|Programming Introduction.]] Introduction to HP Prime Programming.
 +  * [[|Reserved Variables.]] HP Prime Reserved Variables.
 +  * [[|Commands Reference.]] Programming Commands References (Light and Full).
 +  * [[|HPPL Command Reference.]] HP Prime command wiki.
 +  * [[|Programming Tutorials and Links.]] Prime Tutorials and useful programming articles. Note that the tutorials here are the main programming tutorials produced by Edward Shore that are duplicated on many HP Prime web sites.
 +  * [[prime:programming|HPPL Basic Programming Reference.]] The same tutorials as in the previous link but also serves as a partial reference for the Math and CAS menus.
 +  * [[|Programming in HP PPL.]] A beginning programming on the Prime lecture from an HP webinar.
 +  * [[|HPPL Language Considerations.]] HPPL language considerations. Is in Spanish, but browser usually translates well. It's a 5 part article and has quite a bit not written elsewhere. Is well worth reading.
 +  * [[|Undocumented and Overlooked Features.]] This is the MOHPC links thread, also linked to in the collection of links below, but here, of specific interest, is the Undocumented and Overlooked Features. Essential reading for advanced programming on the Prime.
 +  * [[|User Guide.]] HP Prime Graphing Calculator User Guide.
 +  * [[|Handbook.]] This is a very early version of the User Guide. It's less verbose than the latest version and might explain things slightly differently that might be advantageous if having difficulty understanding some subject. It's presented here for completion.
 +  * [[|The Calculator Store.]] The same tutorials again, but has some less commonly found programming links.
 +  * [[|HP Prime Exercises]]. Book of Exercises for the HP Prime. These serve as tutorials on the use of the Prime as well as programming examples.
 +  * [[|Scaling Paper.]] HP Prime Paper on Scaling in Drawing Functions.
 +  * [[|Variables.]] Variable Types and Priorities in Programs.
 +  * [[|Chars allowed in variables]].
 +  * [[|Variables and functions names cannot be too long.]] [[|Max 32 chars]]
 +  * [[|Theme Colors.]] Info on Theme System Colors.
 +  * [[|Spectrum Analysis.]] Fourier Spectrum Analysis on the HP Prime.
 +  * [[|Programming Menus.]] How to program the menu buttons. Read the whole post as there are improvements posted as you work your way down.
 +  * [[prime:LearnApps|Learn the Apps.]] This article explains why it's important to know how to use the various Apps.
 +  * [[prime:polrec|Polar/Rectangular.]] Some notes on polar vs rectangular coordinates.
 +  * [[prime:bitwise|Bit Manipulation.]] Bitwise manipulation isn't obvious on the Prime. This section helps with this.
 +  * [[|All About Strings.]] How to use strings on the HP Prime.
 +  * [[prime:misctips|Miscellaneous Tips.]] Miscellaneous tips. The next link has tips that apply to CAS/Home modes, but all other tips should go here if possible. I intend to update this as I discover new useful tips that are not related to CAS/Home differences, and recommend that others do so too.
 +  * [[prime:dfc|Continued Fraction.]] dfc commands and variations. Examples and tips.
 +  * [[prime:cashome|CAS vs HOME.]] There are several tips described in here that are fundamental to understanding the feel of CAS on the Prime. New users need to understand these so that they know how to present problems to the CAS system and interpret results correctly. In particular how CAS and Home work together is described in here.
 +  * [[|Calling CAS functions.]] CAS commands from Program.
 +  * [[|CAS Programs.]] Programming a CAS function.
 +  * [[|HP Prime CAS Manual.]] Produced by the XCas team. Is a PDF file written in French.
 +  * [[|HP Prime CAS Manual.]] Same as previous manual, but in English.
 +  * [[|Symbolic Algebra and Mathematics with XCas.]] Basically the same info as above, but for generic XCas. This one is in English.
 +  * [[|CAS Compatibility.]] HP Prime CAS Compatibility.
 +  * [[|XCAS.]] Xcas Online Reference.
 +  * [[|XCAS Reference Card.]] Xcas reference card.
 +  * [[| Giac/Xcas Online.]] If you wish to test a CAS expression on a PC to see how to use the PRIME CAS correctly, then you can run XCAS in your web browser. This is what this link points to.
 +  * [[|XCas Source Code.]] C source code for XCas. The HP Prime CAS is compiled directly from this source code and as new releases come out for XCas, the changes will be ported automatically to the next HP Prime firmware release.
 +  * [[|Floating Point Information.]] This paper describes several theorems related to rounding error and floating point arithmetic. It introduces different floating point representations and deals with precision, etc., and ill conditioned equations (a function where a tiny difference in a value causes a large difference in the result).
 +  * [[|Displaying Results.]] Different ways to display program results.
 +  * [[|HP Prime a programmer's view.]] Paper on converting a game from an HP48 to HP Prime.
 +  * [[|Input and Terminal example.]] While on a French site, these standalone programs (not App encapculated) are good examples of Input form and Terminal I/O programming.
 +  * [[| HP Prime Wiki.]] USB Linking Protocol, Firmware File Formats and some other useful links.
 +  * [[prime:lookup|Library Search.]] How to lookup any library or program snippet to perform a function you might need on the HP Prime.
 +  * [[|List Library.]] Programmer's expanded List Library.
 +  * [[|Associative List Library.]] Content Addressable List Library (address using a key rather than an index).
 +  * [[|String Library]] Programmer's String Library.
 +  * [[|Jacobian.]] Function to calculate the Jacobian of a matrix.
 +  * [[|BREAK vs CONTINUE.]] How break and continue work to break out of loops.
 +  * [[|Eddie Shore's HP Prime Articles.]] This is a link to a search of Eddie Shore's blog for the term HP Prime. There are multiple articles in a row. Click on Next Posts at the bottom of the page to get even more. There are several pages worth.
 +  * [[|On the missing ability (and workarounds) for help pages and passing by reference. (MoHPC)]]
 +  * [[|Windows keyboard layout for special hp prime characters.]]
 +  * [[|How to get in the terminal for the virtual calculator / HP prime APP / HP prime emulator]].
 +===== Firmware =====
 +This is non-HP programming to create independent firmware. Would include assembler, C compiler, Linux and other non-standard HP programming links. Many of these are in the preliminary or research phase.
 +  * [[|hpprgm file format.]] hpprgm file format.
 +  * [[!/|Assembler.]] ASM for the HP Prime.
 +  * [[|C compiler.]] Discussion on C compiler for HP Prime.
 +  * [[|gcc.]] MinGW GCC for ARM.
 +  * [[|File Formats.]] HP Prime file formats.
 +  * [[|Linux.]] Linux for the HP Prime.
 +===== Prime Software Apps and Utilities/Libraries =====
 +Apps and small programs written for the HP Prime.
 +  * [[|Apps.]] Free Downloadable Apps.
 +  * [[|HPCALC.ORG]] Under HP Prime section, has various apps and utilities.
 +  * [[|Software Library.]] MOHCP HP Prime Software Library.
 +  * [[|Some small list utility commands]] (MoHPC).
 +===== USB Connectivity Programming =====
 +Software written for communicating with the HP Prime through the USB port.
 +  * [[|USB Linking Protocol.]] HP Prime USB Linking Protocol.
 +  * [[|Primecomm.]] Utility to exchance files with HP Prime.
 +  * [[|Help on Primecomm.]] Help on above.
 +  * [[|USB device Interfacing.]] Interfacing the Prime with a cheap MAX3421E host controller.
 +  * [[|libhpcalcs.]] HP Prime command line library for communicating with the Prime from an external computer.
 +===== Useful HP Prime Links =====
 +  * [[|MOHPC Links.]] Super collection of Links.
 +  * [[|HP Prime For All.]] This site has links to hardware, software tutorials, command lists and so forth.
 +  * [[|Eddie's Math and Calculator Blog.]] Edward Shore's calculator blog. Has many HP Prime blogs and tutorials. Has some of the best HP Prime articles on the web.
 +  * [[|Final Answers]] Great Collection of Useful Links.
 +  * [[|HP Prime Calculator.]] Another HP Prime Blog.
 +  * [[|Unusual Set of Links.]] This is a set of unusual links. Going down to subdirectories, there are screenshots as PNG image files with useful information.
 +  * [[|HP Solve Online Magazine.]] This is HP's online magazine for calculators. There are several papers on the HP Prime. This is the last issue. Older issues can be found by looking at the lower left under archives.
 +  * [[|HPCC.]] HP Calculator Club (HPCC) HP Prime page.
 +  * [[|Tips.]] This link points to a group of very useful programming tips, like utilities for redefining keys and changing system settings, etc..
 +  * [[| code section.]] French site with useful code and tips.
 +  * [[| Prime Functions.]] My Favorite HP Prime Functions.
 +  * [[|HP Links.]] This is a collection of programs, documents and programs (including many games like space invaders, asteroids, etc.), for the HP Prime.
 +  * [[|More HP Links.]] This is a collection of links for the prime not found elsewhere. You have to search down through the tree. The previous link is one buried in this site, but there are others if you look around.
 +  * [[|HP Prime Calculator Programs.]] A collection of programs from Dr. D.G. Simpson of Prince George's Community College.
 +  * [[|Prime Functions.]] Introduction to HP Prime Functions (ebook).
 +  * [[|Images.]] Cool collection of images that can be displayed on the HP Prime.
 +  * [[|Streaks in images.]] Tutorial on how to avoid streaking in HP Prime images.
 +  * [[|CAS Plot.]] How to use the Geometry app to make a CAS plot full screen. The CAS plot is imported into the Geometry App.
 +  * [[|Misc Tutorials.]] Another page with a bunch of tutorials, some of which are not available elsewhere.
 +  * [[|Reverse Engineering.]] Reverse Engineering the HP Prime.
 +  * [[|MicNic's Home.]] A french Prime page with useful programs and utilities.
 +  * [[resources:start|Documentations, files and other information about HP calculators]] A great link worth looking at.
 +  * [[resources:bestofdiscussions|About calculators and math world]] Another great link that is a collection of some great discussions related to HP Calculators and Applied Math for calculators that is worth going through.
 +===== Video Links =====
 +  * [[|Advanced INPUT Forms.]] Video showing advanced input() forms as applied to Graph3D.
 +  * [[|BLIT Animation.]] Video showing how Blitting is used to animate Icons in an App.
 +  * [[|App Demos.]] Various videos on developing Demo Apps. Note these are in Spanish, but the text can be translated by google and the operations being carried out on the Prime are self evident.
 +  * [[|PFD and Inverse Laplace.]] HP Prime PFD (Partial Function Decomposition) and Inverse Laplace example.
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