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This is an example of a template. The formatting (subscripts, bold etc.) not yet complete. Screenshots will be inserted for the examples. Comments welcome. Felix

Screenshot example:

Prime:Programming:file name|Caption which shows up when you bring the mouse over the picture (caption is optional) surrounded in double list brackets { { } } .


Note: I plan to do several programming tutorials on my math blog. I will post links on this page when they are ready. My hope is to have a series posted during late October-November 2013. - Eddie

Programming Tutorials:

HP Prime Programming Tutorial #1: LOCAL, RETURN

HP Prime Programming Tutorial #2: MSGBOX, IF-THEN-ELSE, PRINT, FOR

HP Prime Programming Tutorial #3: WHILE, INPUT, KILL, REPEAT, GETKEY

HP Prime Programming Tutorial #4: CHOOSE and CASE, Tip about INPUT

HP Prime Programming Tutorial #5: STARTAPP, STARTVIEW, RGB

HP Prime Programming Tutorial #6: Subroutines

Categories of Prime Commands


Math Menus

CAS Menus

CAS-Algebra Commands
CAS-Calculus Commands
CAS-Solve Commands

CAS-Integer Commands
CAS-Polynomial Commands

(Use for later:)

MOD syntax:
Home: a MOD B
CAS: mod(a,b)

√ vs. sqrt:
√ from the keyboard operates on a number
sqrt can operate on lists, vectors, and matrices - and takes the square root of each element. “sqrt” MUST be typed out.

Prime Commands


Returns the sequence of (calculable) eigenvalues of a square n x n matrix M.


Input: eigenvals(M)

ALGEBRAIC Entry mode for Matrix (SHIFT 5): a<sub>1,1</sub>, ..., a<sub>1,n</sub>], ... , [a<sub>n,1</sub>, ..., a<sub>n,n</sub>

TEXTBOOK Entry mode for Matrix (SHIFT 5): Fill in the blanks in the matrix entry form

Matrix Editor (SHIFT 4): Store M as M1, … , M0 and than solve EIGENVALS(M1)

Output: [eigenvalue1, …, eigenvaluen]


1. Home page: Result in TEXTBOOK and ALGEBRAIC entry mode:

2. CAS page: Result in TEXTBOOK and ALGEBRAIC entry mode:

3. HOME and CAS page: Result in TEXTBOOK and ALGEBRAIC entry mode:

HP Prime can calculate complex eigenvalues.

4. HOME page: RESULT (in FIX 4 format) in TEXTBOOK and ALGEBRAIC enty mode:

HP Prime can calculate eigenvalues from matrices with complex coefficients. The complex coefficients can be entered in the form a+bi in TEXTBOOK entry mode. When the Matrix tool (SHIFT 4) is used, the complex coefficients can be entered as a+bi or (a, b).

Notes: The command eigenvals dose not work with the RPN entry mode

Access: Catlg


See also: EIGENVAL, eigenvects, EIGENVV, eigVc, eigVI

Note: (Greek and Other Math Characters can be copied and pasted from a word processing document, i.e. Word or Character Map)

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