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Learn the Apps

It's important to Learn how to use the Apps. It's also important to know how to program and manipulate the App Views to do various things. There are many examples of this throughout the wiki links. Even in the day to day use of the Prime to do various mathematics, the Apps can be used to implement visualization functionality. For example, when doing a CAS plot, such as using plotimplicit(), it will result in a plot in a tiny box to the right of the function. However, you can use the Geometry App and import the plot into it and display it in fullscreen. Knowing how to use the Apps allows you to get the most out of the HP Prime. Be aware that the name of an App can be misleading. E.g. You can do work with sequences in the geometry app, plotting the convergence, or plotting the results of differential equations. Be on the lookout for articles on creative use of Apps, and feel free about adding them to this wiki.

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