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How do we add pages?

just creating them! You can see more on the dokuwiki syntax.
requested local CSV file does not exist

<a href=“”>here</a>

a1,1, …, a1,n, … , an,1, …, an,n

use the mathjax plugin! $ a_{1,1}, \cdots , a_{n,1} $ the “codecogs equation editor online” helps!
a1,1 a1,n
an,1 an,n
nice one!

simplify(π/6 + ASIN(1/2) ) returns π/3

Simplifying an Algebraic Expression: simplify(x/3 - 3*x/4 + x/2) returns x/12

simplify($ \frac{x}{3} - 3 \cdot \frac{x}{4} + \frac{x}{2} $) returns $ \frac{x}{12} $

Simplify won't give approximates: simplify(Zeta(3)) returns Zeta(3)

Type in another color.

This is a rectangle!

Can we see a line?

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