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 +To save the survey done in [[http://​​forum/​thread-9594.html|this]] thread on the MoHPC, and having a versioned format.
 +Here follows the post (that will be updated here and the mirrored on the MoHPC)
 +So I'd like to start a poll to see, according to the responding audience in this period, which calculators are common in the forum. ​
 +[b]No applications,​ emulators, and what not, real [i]working[/​i] calculators only[/b].
 +Unfortunately the poll has maximum 10 options, and that is too little. So please reply reporting which calculators do you have (or a subset of them if you want). Having multiple times the same item is ok too.
 +Feel free to be as precise as possible (even mentioning not working calculators) so others may apply different data collections. See this [url=http://​​forum/​thread-9594-post-84565.html#​pid84565]post[/​url] for more info. I will try to list here the HP and the others that are closely related to the HP or are major competitors in the calculator market worldwide (for my little knowledge). ​
 +I'll keep track of the answers.
 +saved until post #319
 +quantity x model ( owners)
 +4 x 01 (Jim Horn, 2x M. Hohmann, bobVA)
 +7 x 6s /6s solar (J Horn, 4 D williams, emece67)
 +2 x 8s (J Horn, D williams)
 +4 x 9g /9s (JimP, D williams, T Vallestad, Eddie_WShore)
 +1 x 10A (D williams)
 +29 x 10 B/​10BII/​10BII+ (2x striegel, J Horn, xmehq, F. Lusk, G Donnini, bobVA, 4 D williams, emece67, G Schink, revwillie, 8 T Vallestad, 2 Accutron, lrdheat, Siegfried, 3 Eddie_WShore)
 +7 x 10C (T.Okken, xmehq, 2x M. Hohmann, 3 D williams)
 +4 x 10s/10s+ (D williams, G Schink, T Vallestad, Eddie_WShore)
 +17 x 11C (J.Keith, larthurl, 2x lemontea, 2x ls41028, C. Bladow, xmehq, bobVA, Jlouis, 2 D williams, Gamo, badaze, G Schink, hewlpac, T Vallestad)
 +86 x 12C/12C Platinum/​12C 30th AE (2 x salvomic, 2x DavidM, hibiki, larthurl, benjer, lemontea, Carsen, Gamo, jthole, D. Hayden, 4x striegel, J Horn, 2x robertm, 2x D. Sturrock, 2x xmehq, Jim Horn, 5x D. Frederickson,​ SMaus, 18x rprosperi, 2 bobVA, Jlouis, 8 D williams, emece67, badaze, 3 K. Midson, 3 Alex S, G Schink, 2 T Vallestad, 2 Hans S, TheKaneB, B Duncan, 2 Accutron, 48GX, 3 Siegfried, 2 Eddie_WShore,​ grsbanks)
 +6 x 14B (G Donnini, 2 D williams, emece67, G Schink, M Hohmann)
 +69 x 15C / C+ / LE (salvomic, J.Keith, hibiki, 2x hth, larthurl, P.Berger, 2x lemontea, ls41028, C. Bladow, 2x D. Hayden, striegel, 2x J Horn, 2x D. Sturrock, 2x xmehq, edS2, 4x D. Frederickson,​ SMaus, 6x rprosperi, 6x bobVA, 4 Jlouis, 3 D williams, 2 emece67, 2 badaze, 2 K. Midson, 4 Alex S, hewlpac, T Vallestad, TheKaneB, 2 B Duncan, lrdheat, 2 dfnr2, 3 Siegfried, salvomic, 2 Eddie_WShore)
 +17 x 16C (wynen, J.Keith, 2x hth, larthurl, P.Berger, Dani R., robertm, D. Frederickson,​ bobVA, D williams, ttw, Alex S, G Schink, hewlpac, B Duncan, Siegfried)
 +51 x 17B/ 17BII/​17BII+ (DavidM, hibiki, 3 x striegel, 2x xmehq, G Donnini, JimP, 2 Jlouis, 3 D williams, emece67, badaze, Alex S, 3 G Schink, revwillie, 13 T Vallestad, 2 AirFiddler, 5 48GX)
 +11 x 18/18C (,​ G Donnini, Jlouis, 2 D williams, badaze, G Schink, 2 T Vallestad, 2 Accutron)
 +19 x 19 B/BII (grsbanks,,​ P.Berger, M. Hohmann, striegel, G Donnini, 2 Jlouis, 2 D williams, K. Midson, Alex S, G Schink, 3 T Vallestad, 48GX, 2 Siegfried)
 +10 x 19c (2x J Horn, 2x M. Hohmann, bobVA, 2 D williams, emece67, 2 hewlpac)
 +13 x 20S (hibiki, benjer, striegel, G Donnini, jimbo, 4 D williams, emece67, badaze, T Vallestad, Eddie_WShore)
 +7 x 20B ( hibiki, D. Sturrock, 4 T Vallestad, 48GX)
 +12 x 21S (xmehq, G Donnini, jimbo, 4 D williams, emece67, badaze, larthurl, hewlpac, Eddie_WShore)
 +7 x 22S (striegel, G Donnini, 2 D williams, emece67, hewlpac, Eddie_WShore)
 +24 x 25A/​25C/​25C/​E (,​ T.Okken, wynen, M. Hohmann, ls41028, C. Bladow, J Horn, Jim Horn, D. Frederickson,​ D Danone, 3x bobVA, aurelio, 4 D williams, 2 emece67, 2 hewlpac, M Hohmann) ​
 +13 x 27A/27S (striegel, xmehq, G Donnini, JimP, Jlouis, 2 D williams, Alex S, 3 hewlpac, B Duncan, Eddie_WShore)
 +11 x 28C (P.Berger, M. Hohmann, G Donnini, Jlouis, 2 D williams, badaze, K. Midson, revwillie, TheKaneB, Siegfried)
 +24 x 28S (grsbanks, DA74254,,​ P.Berger, M. Hohmann, M. Polo, L.vampa, D. Hayden, striegel, G Donnini, bobVA, jimbo, 3 Jlouis, D williams, emece67, badaze, 2 K. Midson, G Schink, hewlpac, T Vallestad, Siegfried)
 +7 x 29C (D. Hayden, 2x bobVA, D williams, badaze, hewlpac, B Duncan)
 +18 x 30B (J.Keith, striegel, 2x J Horn, D. Sturrock, xmehq, edS2, Jim Horn, JimP, bobVA, Jlouis, D williams, emece67, T Vallestad, lrdheat, 2 Siegfried, Eddie_WShore)
 +10 x 30S (J Horn, 8 D williams, T Vallestad)
 +2 x 31E (2 D williams)
 +3 x 32E (D williams, badaze, dfnr2)
 +42 x 32S/S II (wynen, J.Keith, hibiki, larthurl, P.Berger, 2x ls41028, 3x mwthomasjr, C. Bladow, striegel, J Horn, trond, 3x xmehq, F. Lusk, G Donnini, bobVA, Jlouis, 4 D williams, emece67, 3 badaze, 2 K. Midson, Alex S, 2 G Schink, 4 48GX, dfnr2, Siegfried, Eddie_WShore)
 +1 x 32C (larthurl)
 +3 x 33C (Jlouis, D williams, hewlpac)
 +4 x 33E (2 D williams, emece67, badaze)
 +10 x 33S (J Horn, Jlouis, 3 D williams, ttw, G Schink, 2 T Vallestad, Siegfried)
 +5 x 34C (hibiki, ls41028, F. Lusk, D williams, T Vallestad)
 +19 x 35 (,​ hth, larthurl, P.Berger, benjer, ls41028, F. Lusk, D. Frederickson,​ bobVA, aurelio, 2 emece67, badaze, K. Midson, 2 hewlpac, lrdheat) ​
 +46 x 35S (grsbanks, DA74254,,​ J.Keith, hibiki, larthurl, Dani R., A. Fekken, ls41028, mwthomasjr, C. Bladow, M. Polo, jthole, D. Hayden, 2x J Horn, trond, xmehq, F. Lusk, edS2, pdo, D. Frederickson,​ L Hyatt, SMaus, rprosperi, voldemar, JimP, bobVA, Jlouis, 4 D williams, badaze, G Schink, 3 hewlpac, revwillie, 2 T Vallestad, Hans S, TheKaneB, lrdheat, Siegfried, Eddie_WShore)
 +2 x 37E (D williams, badaze)
 +3 x 38C (Jim Horn, D williams, Alex S)
 +2 x 38E (D williams, badaze)
 +9 x 38G (M. Hohmann, F Bohn, S Simpkin, G Donnini, 2 D williams, emece67, badaze, Siegfried)
 +22 x 39G/​39G+/​39GS/​40G/​40GS (3 x P.Berger, 2x D. Hayden, striegel, J Horn, JimP, 6 D williams, badaze, G Schink, 2 T Vallestad, Siegfried, Hans_S, 2 Eddie_WShore)
 +11 x 39gII ( 2x D. Hayden, 2x J Horn, Jim Horn, JimP, 2 G Schink, T Vallestad, lrdheat, Eddie_WShore)
 +130 x 41 C/CX/CV ( Didier Lachieze, 2 x,​ 3x 4ster, 3 x hth, 3 x larthurl, 5 x P.Berger, G. Wilson, Dani R. , 19x S. Cote, 2x ls41028, 5x mwthomasjr, 2x C. Bladow, 2x jebem, 3x J Horn, 2x robertm, xmehq, 2x F. Lusk, Jim Horn, D. Frederickson,​ Trond, SMaus, 9x rprosperi, G Donnini, D Danone, bobVA, aurelio, Jlouis, 19 M Gnerucci, 9 D williams, 3 emece67, 4 badaze, 4 G Schink, 4 hewlpac, T Vallestad, B Duncan, Accutron, 2 dfnr2, 2 Siegfried, salvomic, Eddie_WShore,​ grsbanks)
 +33 x 42S (grsbanks, Didier Lachieze,,​ T.Okken, J.Keith, hibiki, 2x larthurl, ls41028, 2x mwthomasjr,​C. Bladow, trond, D. Sturrock, F. Lusk, lemontea, 2x D. Frederickson,​ G Donnini, aurelio, Jlouis, D williams, 2 emece67, badaze, K. Midson, Alex S, G Schink, hewlpac, revwillie, salvomic, Eddie_WShore)
 +16 x 45 (larthurl, 2x benjer, 2x ls41028,J Horn, bobVA, D williams, emece67, badaze, K. Midson, G Schink, hewlpac, Accutron, Siegfried)
 +2 x 46 (2 D williams)
 +143 x 48G/​GX/​S/​SX/​G+ (grsbanks, 2x Didier Lachieze, 2x,​ 3x DavidM, hibiki, 2x hth, 4 x P.Berger, benjer, G. Wilson, 2x M. Hohmann, 3x lemontea, 2x ls41028, mwthomasjr, C. Bladow, 2 x M. Polo, L.vampa, at least 3 jebem, 2x D. Hayden, 3x striegel, 8x J Horn, 4x xmehq, F. Lusk, pdo, D. Frederickson,​ 2x Helix, 6x HrastProgrammer,​ 12x rprosperi, 7x G Donnini, bobVA, aurelio, 9 Jlouis, 9 D williams, 3 emece67, 4 badaze, 2 C Dreher, 2 K. Midson, G Schink, Hans S, 2 B Duncan, 2 Accutron, 21 48GX, 2 dfnr2, 2 Siegfried, Eddie_WShore)
 +20 x 48gII/49g (DavidM, P.Berger, 2 x D. Hayden, 2x J Horn, pdo, 2x HrastProgrammer,​ SMaus, estimated 2x rprosperi, 2 Jlouis, 2 D williams, ttw, G Schink, Accutron, Eddie_WShore)
 +19 x 49G+ (DA74254, DavidM, P.Berger, 2 x lemontea, C. Bladow, 3x J Horn, arno K, pdo, L Hyatt, HrastProgrammer,​ estimated 2x rprosperi, 2 D williams, Siegfried, Eddie_WShore)
 +89 x 50g ( 2 x pier4r, salvomic, DA74254, grsbanks, Didier Lachieze, , franz.b, 2x J.Keith, 2x DavidM , P.Berger, benjer, G. Wilson, M. Hohmann, brickviking,​ Dani R., 2 x lemontea, 3x mwthomasjr, 2 x Carsen, C. Bladow, M. Polo, L.vampa, at least 3 jebem, 1x D. Hayden, striegel, 4x J Horn, arno K, D. Sturrock, xmehq, F. Lusk, pdo, 2x D. Frederickson,​ 5x Helix, 4x HrastProgrammer,​ SMaus, AlexFekken, estimated 9x rprosperi, 2x voldemar, JimP, jimbo, aurelio, Jlouis, D williams, 2 emece67, 3 ttw, 2 G Schink, hewlpac, 2 T Vallestad, 2 Hans S, TheKaneB, 48GX, lrdheat, dfnr2, Siegfried, Eddie_WShore)
 +6 x 55 (,​ ls41028, F. Lusk, bobVA, D williams, hewlpac) ​
 +8 x 65 (larthurl,J Horn, D williams, badaze, K. Midson, 2 hewlpac, dfnr2)
 +20 x 67 ( Didier Lachieze,,​ T.Okken, hth, larthurl , P.Berger, M. Hohmann, A. Fekken, ls41028, D Danone, bobVA, aurelio, 2 D williams, badaze, G Schink, 2 hewlpac, T Vallestad, dfnr2)
 +1 x 70 (emece67)
 +46 x 71B ( Didier Lachieze, J.Keith, P.Berger, 2x G. Wilson, M. Hohmann, C. Bladow, J Horn, D. Sturrock, 10x D. Frederickson,​ 3x M. Hohmann, 6x S.Cote, 9x rprosperi, G Donnini, Jlouis, D williams, badaze, K. Midson, T Vallestad, 48GX, salvomic, Eddie_WShore)
 +28 x 75/75C/75D (4x P.Berger, G. Wilson, 3x D. Frederickson,​ 2x M. Hohmann, 10x S.Cote, 6x rprosperi, 2 D williams)
 +7 x 80 (larthurl, bobVA, D williams, emece67, hewlpac, T Vallestad, Siegfried)
 +1 x 86B (smp)
 +2 x 91 (D williams, hewlpac)
 +1 x 92 (D williams)
 +1 x 94 (D williams)
 +8 x 95/95LX (1x P.Berger, xmehq, bobVA, badaze, K. Midson, T Vallestad, B Duncan, Eddie_WShore)
 +14 x 97 (P.Berger, M. Hohmann, ls41028, J Horn, D. Frederickson,​ 2x bobVA, Jlouis, D williams, badaze, G Schink, hewlpac, Accutron, dfnr2)
 +1 x 100 LX (
 +1 x 110+ (smp)
 +13 x 200 LX (J.Keith, larthurl, P.Berger,M. Polo, smp, 5x Helix, badaze, hewlpac, Siegfried)
 +1 x 360LX (badaze)
 +9 x 300S/300S+ (6 x J Horn, D williams, T Vallestad, Eddie_WShore)
 +2 x 9100 series (2 dfnr2)
 +1 x 9820 (Accutron)
 +3 x 9825 (2x P.Berger, Accutron)
 +1 x 9815 (C. Bladow)
 +45 x Prime (2 x salvomic, grsbanks, DA74254, Didier Lachieze, 2 x,​ J.Keith, P.Berger, benjer, 2x A. Fekken, lemontea, ls41028, mwthomasjr, Carsen, C. Bladow, jebem, smp, D. Hayden, 6x J Horn, arno K, L Hyatt, SMaus, rprosperi, voldemar, JimP, bobVA, jimbo, ttw, G Schink, T Vallestad, TheKaneB, Accutron, 48GX, lrdheat, 2 Hans_S, 2 Eddie_WShore)
 +[b]Not Hp[/b]
 +41 CL
 +14 x (Didier Lachieze, hth, 6x S. Cote, smp, D. Hayden, robertm, bobVA, aurelio, M Gnerucci)
 +WP (almost HP?)
 +2 x 31S (bobVA, T Vallestad)
 +35 x 34S (Didier Lachieze,,​ 3x P.Berger, 2x mwthomasjr, 2x D. Hayden, striegel, xmehq, Jim Horn, SMaus, JimP, bobVA, aurelio, Jlouis, 6 emece67, G Schink, 3 hewlpac, revwillie, T Vallestad, Hans S, lrdheat, 3 dfnr2, Eddie_WShore)
 +SwissMicros (almost HP?)
 +1 x DM11L (grsbanks)
 +1 x DM12L (grsbanks)
 +17 x DM15L/15 (grsbanks, 2x larthurl, 2x A. Fekken, jthole, Helix, JimP, 2 emece67, K. Midson, 2 Alex S, G Schink, Hans S, 2 dfnr2)
 +4 x DM16L/16C (grsbanks, mwthomasjr, lemontea, dfnr2)
 +8 x DM41/41L (grsbanks, 4ster, larthurl, Dani R., A. Fekken, M Gnerucci, G Schink, Hans S)
 +15 x DM42/​DM42Beta (2 grsbanks, T.Okken, Dani R., mwthomasjr, DA74254, larthurl, SMaus, G Schink, hewlpac, revwillie, Hans S, 2 48GX)
 +1 x 9x Galaxy (J Horn)
 +5 x SR-10 (smp, striegel, bobVA, hewlpac, Accutron)
 +2 x SR-11 (smp, larthurl)
 +9 x 30/​30Xa/​30X2s/​others ( 3x benjer, G. Wilson, D. Hayden, 2x striegel , xmehq, Accutron)
 +3 x 34 (pier4r, DavidM, J Horn)
 +2 x 35 variants (jthole,​xmehq)
 +5 x 36X Pro (benjer, mwthomasjr, xmehq, JimP, lrdheat)
 +2 x SR-40 (Jlouis, Accutron)
 +1 x SR-50 (bobVA)
 +1 x 51 variants (Accutron)
 +3 x 52 (3 hewlpac)
 +1 x 53 (grsbanks)
 +4 x 55 (C. Bladow, D. Hayden, striegel, Accutron)
 +1 x SR56 (M.Hohmann)
 +2 x 57 (HrastProgrammer,​ Accutron)
 +6 x 58C (2x P.Berger, G. Wilson, striegel, hewlpac, Accutron)
 +5 x 59 (P.Berger, G. Wilson, M. Hohmann, D. Hayden, HrastProgrammer)
 +1 x SR50 (benjer)
 +4 x 66 (J Horn, hewlpac, T Vallestad, grsbanks)
 +1 x Galaxy 67 (grsbanks)
 +3 x 68 (benjer)
 +4 x 74 (benjer, smp, salvomic, M Hohmann, T Vallestad)
 +2 x 80 (benjer, grsbanks)
 +2 x 81 (benjer, Accutron)
 +4 x 82 (benjer, Accutron, 2 grsbanks)
 +7 x 83/83+ (benjer, M.Hohmann, striegel, revwillie, T Vallestad, 2 M Hohmann)
 +5 x 84+/​84+SE/​84+CE (benjer, 2x mwthomasjr, xmehq, M Hohmann)
 +2 x 85 (benjer, Accutron)
 +1 x 86 (benjer)
 +12 x 89 (pier4r, benjer, 2 M. Hohmann, mwthomasjr, 2x xmehq, JimP, Jlouis, TheKaneB, Accutron, grsbanks)
 +13 x 92/​92+/​Voyage 200 (salvomic, 2x grsbanks, M. Hohmann, smp, striegel, Jlouis, 3 Hans S, TheKaneB, 2 Siegfried)
 +1 x 95 (benjer, M Hohmann)
 +1 x 1100 (striegel)
 +1 x 1270 (Accutron)
 +1 x 1780 (T Vallestad)
 +1 x 1270 (striegel)
 +1 x 5040 (benjer)
 +2 x 5025 (2x striegel)
 +1 x 5130 (benjer)
 +8 x NSpire CX/ CX CAS /handhed (grsbanks, pier4r, 2x mwthomasjr, M.Hohmann, Jlouis, Hans S, lrdheat)
 +1 x fx-19 variants (T Vallestad)
 +3 x fc-cg 10/20/50 prizm (Jlouis, Hans S, lrdheat)
 +5 x 82 series ( 2x brickviking,​ striegel, edS2, TheKaneB)
 +1 x FX 95MS (salvomic)
 +8 x fx-115M/and variants (benjer, 3x J Horn, xmehq, edS2, Accutron)
 +1 x FX-100 series (salvomic)
 +2 x 101 series ( 2 Jlouis)
 +1 x 110 series (salvomic)
 +1 x 200 series (salvomic)
 +2 x fx-250 variats (2x J Horn)
 +2 x fx-260 series (Gamo, xmehq)
 +1 x sl-300 (edS2)
 +4 x Fx-300 variants (Gamo, 3x J Horn)
 +2 x FX-570 variants (salvomic, grsbanks)
 +1 x 700 series (Jlouis)
 +2 x 702 series (K. Midson, grsbanks)
 +1 x 730 variants (T Vallestad)
 +1 x 770 series (Jlouis)
 +1 x fx-802 series (Jlouis)
 +1 x aq 810 (J Horn)
 +1 x fx-850 series (Jlouis)
 +3 x fx-880 series (grsbanks, Jlouis, M Hohmann)
 +1 x 900 series (lrdheat)
 +7 x fx 991 variants (J Horn, xmehq, SMaus, T Vallestad, TheKaneB, 2 lrdheat)
 +1 x fx 1000 variants (grsbanks)
 +1 x fc 1000 variants (salvomic)
 +1 x fx 3600P (grsbanks)
 +1 x fx 3650P variants (grsbanks)
 +1 x fx-3800P (benjer)
 +1 x fx 3600 series (Jlouis)
 +1 x fx 4500 series (Jlouis)
 +1 x 6300 variants (Accutron)
 +1 x 6500 variants (grsbanks)
 +6 x fx-7000G/GA and variants (grsbanks, 2x benjer, 2 Jlouis, Accutron)
 +2 x fx-7300G (benjer, T Vallestad)
 +1 x fx-7400G (2x benjer)
 +2 x fx-7700G (benjer, Accutron)
 +1 x fx-8000G (benjer)
 +1 x fx-8500G (grsbanks)
 +2 x fx-9750G+ (brickviking,​ J Horn)
 +4 x fx-9750gII/​fx-9860GII (brickviking,​ mwthomasjr, grsbanks, xmehq)
 +2 x cfx-9800g (J Horn, Accutron)
 +1 x cfx-9850G+ (benjer)
 +3 x Classpad 300/330/400 (xmehq, Hans S, lrdheat)
 +1x el-e300 (J Horn)
 +8 x el 506 variants (pier4r, xmehq, striegel, 2x  M.Hohmann, edS2, TheKaneB, 2 Hans_S)
 +1 x el516 variants (xmehq)
 +1 x el-509a (J Horn)
 +2 x el 512 (striegel)
 +1 x el 540 (TheKaneB)
 +1 x el 556 (edS2)
 +1 x el 733 (striegel)
 +1 x el 1500 ( striegel)
 +1 x el 5020 (mwthomasjr)
 +1 x el 5100 (striegel)
 +1 x el 5103 (striegel)
 +1 x el 5120 (TheKaneB)
 +1 x EL-5200 ​ (benjer)
 +1 x oz 7000 (J Horn)
 +1 x el 8024 (striegel)
 +1 x el 8140 (T Vallestad)
 +1 x el 9300 (edS2)
 +1 x EL-9600 series (benjer)
 +1 x el 9900 (TheKaneB)
 +1 x pc 1210 (K. Midson)
 +1 x pc 1211 (K. Midson)
 +1 x pc 1251 (HrastProgrammer)
 +1 x pc 1360 (K. Midson)
 +1 x pc 1500 (Jlouis)
 +1 x PC-1401 (Helix)
 +1 x pc 1402 (Jlouis)
 +1 x pc 1403 (HrastProgrammer)
 +1 x pc 1421 (Jlouis)
 +1 x PCG850 (Helix)
 +And of course a bet:
 +the 50g wins , the 48 will be second. Third maybe the Prime.
 +PS: Did someone do a poll like this in the past?