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To save the survey done in this thread on the MoHPC, and having a versioned format.

Here follows the post (that will be updated here and the mirrored on the MoHPC)

So I'd like to start a poll to see, according to the responding audience in this period, which calculators are common in the forum. 

[b]No applications, emulators, and what not, real [i]working[/i] calculators only[/b].

Unfortunately the poll has maximum 10 options, and that is too little. So please reply reporting which calculators do you have (or a subset of them if you want). Having multiple times the same item is ok too.
Feel free to be as precise as possible (even mentioning not working calculators) so others may apply different data collections. See this [url=]post[/url] for more info. I will try to list here the HP and the others that are closely related to the HP or are major competitors in the calculator market worldwide (for my little knowledge). 

I'll keep track of the answers.


saved until post #319

quantity x model ( owners)

4 x 01 (Jim Horn, 2x M. Hohmann, bobVA)
7 x 6s /6s solar (J Horn, 4 D williams, emece67)
2 x 8s (J Horn, D williams)
4 x 9g /9s (JimP, D williams, T Vallestad, Eddie_WShore)
1 x 10A (D williams)
29 x 10 B/10BII/10BII+ (2x striegel, J Horn, xmehq, F. Lusk, G Donnini, bobVA, 4 D williams, emece67, G Schink, revwillie, 8 T Vallestad, 2 Accutron, lrdheat, Siegfried, 3 Eddie_WShore)
7 x 10C (T.Okken, xmehq, 2x M. Hohmann, 3 D williams)
4 x 10s/10s+ (D williams, G Schink, T Vallestad, Eddie_WShore)
17 x 11C (J.Keith, larthurl, 2x lemontea, 2x ls41028, C. Bladow, xmehq, bobVA, Jlouis, 2 D williams, Gamo, badaze, G Schink, hewlpac, T Vallestad)
86 x 12C/12C Platinum/12C 30th AE (2 x salvomic, 2x DavidM, hibiki, larthurl, benjer, lemontea, Carsen, Gamo, jthole, D. Hayden, 4x striegel, J Horn, 2x robertm, 2x D. Sturrock, 2x xmehq, Jim Horn, 5x D. Frederickson, SMaus, 18x rprosperi, 2 bobVA, Jlouis, 8 D williams, emece67, badaze, 3 K. Midson, 3 Alex S, G Schink, 2 T Vallestad, 2 Hans S, TheKaneB, B Duncan, 2 Accutron, 48GX, 3 Siegfried, 2 Eddie_WShore, grsbanks)
6 x 14B (G Donnini, 2 D williams, emece67, G Schink, M Hohmann)
69 x 15C / C+ / LE (salvomic, J.Keith, hibiki, 2x hth, larthurl, P.Berger, 2x lemontea, ls41028, C. Bladow, 2x D. Hayden, striegel, 2x J Horn, 2x D. Sturrock, 2x xmehq, edS2, 4x D. Frederickson, SMaus, 6x rprosperi, 6x bobVA, 4 Jlouis, 3 D williams, 2 emece67, 2 badaze, 2 K. Midson, 4 Alex S, hewlpac, T Vallestad, TheKaneB, 2 B Duncan, lrdheat, 2 dfnr2, 3 Siegfried, salvomic, 2 Eddie_WShore)
17 x 16C (wynen, J.Keith, 2x hth, larthurl, P.Berger, Dani R., robertm, D. Frederickson, bobVA, D williams, ttw, Alex S, G Schink, hewlpac, B Duncan, Siegfried)
51 x 17B/ 17BII/17BII+ (DavidM, hibiki, 3 x striegel, 2x xmehq, G Donnini, JimP, 2 Jlouis, 3 D williams, emece67, badaze, Alex S, 3 G Schink, revwillie, 13 T Vallestad, 2 AirFiddler, 5 48GX)
11 x 18/18C (, G Donnini, Jlouis, 2 D williams, badaze, G Schink, 2 T Vallestad, 2 Accutron)
19 x 19 B/BII (grsbanks,, P.Berger, M. Hohmann, striegel, G Donnini, 2 Jlouis, 2 D williams, K. Midson, Alex S, G Schink, 3 T Vallestad, 48GX, 2 Siegfried)
10 x 19c (2x J Horn, 2x M. Hohmann, bobVA, 2 D williams, emece67, 2 hewlpac)
13 x 20S (hibiki, benjer, striegel, G Donnini, jimbo, 4 D williams, emece67, badaze, T Vallestad, Eddie_WShore)
7 x 20B ( hibiki, D. Sturrock, 4 T Vallestad, 48GX)
12 x 21S (xmehq, G Donnini, jimbo, 4 D williams, emece67, badaze, larthurl, hewlpac, Eddie_WShore)
7 x 22S (striegel, G Donnini, 2 D williams, emece67, hewlpac, Eddie_WShore)
24 x 25A/25C/25C/E (, T.Okken, wynen, M. Hohmann, ls41028, C. Bladow, J Horn, Jim Horn, D. Frederickson, D Danone, 3x bobVA, aurelio, 4 D williams, 2 emece67, 2 hewlpac, M Hohmann) 
13 x 27A/27S (striegel, xmehq, G Donnini, JimP, Jlouis, 2 D williams, Alex S, 3 hewlpac, B Duncan, Eddie_WShore)
11 x 28C (P.Berger, M. Hohmann, G Donnini, Jlouis, 2 D williams, badaze, K. Midson, revwillie, TheKaneB, Siegfried)
24 x 28S (grsbanks, DA74254,, P.Berger, M. Hohmann, M. Polo, L.vampa, D. Hayden, striegel, G Donnini, bobVA, jimbo, 3 Jlouis, D williams, emece67, badaze, 2 K. Midson, G Schink, hewlpac, T Vallestad, Siegfried)
7 x 29C (D. Hayden, 2x bobVA, D williams, badaze, hewlpac, B Duncan)
18 x 30B (J.Keith, striegel, 2x J Horn, D. Sturrock, xmehq, edS2, Jim Horn, JimP, bobVA, Jlouis, D williams, emece67, T Vallestad, lrdheat, 2 Siegfried, Eddie_WShore)
10 x 30S (J Horn, 8 D williams, T Vallestad)
2 x 31E (2 D williams)
3 x 32E (D williams, badaze, dfnr2)
42 x 32S/S II (wynen, J.Keith, hibiki, larthurl, P.Berger, 2x ls41028, 3x mwthomasjr, C. Bladow, striegel, J Horn, trond, 3x xmehq, F. Lusk, G Donnini, bobVA, Jlouis, 4 D williams, emece67, 3 badaze, 2 K. Midson, Alex S, 2 G Schink, 4 48GX, dfnr2, Siegfried, Eddie_WShore)
1 x 32C (larthurl)
3 x 33C (Jlouis, D williams, hewlpac)
4 x 33E (2 D williams, emece67, badaze)
10 x 33S (J Horn, Jlouis, 3 D williams, ttw, G Schink, 2 T Vallestad, Siegfried)
5 x 34C (hibiki, ls41028, F. Lusk, D williams, T Vallestad)
19 x 35 (, hth, larthurl, P.Berger, benjer, ls41028, F. Lusk, D. Frederickson, bobVA, aurelio, 2 emece67, badaze, K. Midson, 2 hewlpac, lrdheat) 
46 x 35S (grsbanks, DA74254,, J.Keith, hibiki, larthurl, Dani R., A. Fekken, ls41028, mwthomasjr, C. Bladow, M. Polo, jthole, D. Hayden, 2x J Horn, trond, xmehq, F. Lusk, edS2, pdo, D. Frederickson, L Hyatt, SMaus, rprosperi, voldemar, JimP, bobVA, Jlouis, 4 D williams, badaze, G Schink, 3 hewlpac, revwillie, 2 T Vallestad, Hans S, TheKaneB, lrdheat, Siegfried, Eddie_WShore)
2 x 37E (D williams, badaze)
3 x 38C (Jim Horn, D williams, Alex S)
2 x 38E (D williams, badaze)
9 x 38G (M. Hohmann, F Bohn, S Simpkin, G Donnini, 2 D williams, emece67, badaze, Siegfried)
22 x 39G/39G+/39GS/40G/40GS (3 x P.Berger, 2x D. Hayden, striegel, J Horn, JimP, 6 D williams, badaze, G Schink, 2 T Vallestad, Siegfried, Hans_S, 2 Eddie_WShore)
11 x 39gII ( 2x D. Hayden, 2x J Horn, Jim Horn, JimP, 2 G Schink, T Vallestad, lrdheat, Eddie_WShore)
130 x 41 C/CX/CV ( Didier Lachieze, 2 x, 3x 4ster, 3 x hth, 3 x larthurl, 5 x P.Berger, G. Wilson, Dani R. , 19x S. Cote, 2x ls41028, 5x mwthomasjr, 2x C. Bladow, 2x jebem, 3x J Horn, 2x robertm, xmehq, 2x F. Lusk, Jim Horn, D. Frederickson, Trond, SMaus, 9x rprosperi, G Donnini, D Danone, bobVA, aurelio, Jlouis, 19 M Gnerucci, 9 D williams, 3 emece67, 4 badaze, 4 G Schink, 4 hewlpac, T Vallestad, B Duncan, Accutron, 2 dfnr2, 2 Siegfried, salvomic, Eddie_WShore, grsbanks)
33 x 42S (grsbanks, Didier Lachieze,, T.Okken, J.Keith, hibiki, 2x larthurl, ls41028, 2x mwthomasjr,C. Bladow, trond, D. Sturrock, F. Lusk, lemontea, 2x D. Frederickson, G Donnini, aurelio, Jlouis, D williams, 2 emece67, badaze, K. Midson, Alex S, G Schink, hewlpac, revwillie, salvomic, Eddie_WShore)
16 x 45 (larthurl, 2x benjer, 2x ls41028,J Horn, bobVA, D williams, emece67, badaze, K. Midson, G Schink, hewlpac, Accutron, Siegfried)
2 x 46 (2 D williams)
143 x 48G/GX/S/SX/G+ (grsbanks, 2x Didier Lachieze, 2x, 3x DavidM, hibiki, 2x hth, 4 x P.Berger, benjer, G. Wilson, 2x M. Hohmann, 3x lemontea, 2x ls41028, mwthomasjr, C. Bladow, 2 x M. Polo, L.vampa, at least 3 jebem, 2x D. Hayden, 3x striegel, 8x J Horn, 4x xmehq, F. Lusk, pdo, D. Frederickson, 2x Helix, 6x HrastProgrammer, 12x rprosperi, 7x G Donnini, bobVA, aurelio, 9 Jlouis, 9 D williams, 3 emece67, 4 badaze, 2 C Dreher, 2 K. Midson, G Schink, Hans S, 2 B Duncan, 2 Accutron, 21 48GX, 2 dfnr2, 2 Siegfried, Eddie_WShore)
20 x 48gII/49g (DavidM, P.Berger, 2 x D. Hayden, 2x J Horn, pdo, 2x HrastProgrammer, SMaus, estimated 2x rprosperi, 2 Jlouis, 2 D williams, ttw, G Schink, Accutron, Eddie_WShore)
19 x 49G+ (DA74254, DavidM, P.Berger, 2 x lemontea, C. Bladow, 3x J Horn, arno K, pdo, L Hyatt, HrastProgrammer, estimated 2x rprosperi, 2 D williams, Siegfried, Eddie_WShore)
89 x 50g ( 2 x pier4r, salvomic, DA74254, grsbanks, Didier Lachieze, , franz.b, 2x J.Keith, 2x DavidM , P.Berger, benjer, G. Wilson, M. Hohmann, brickviking, Dani R., 2 x lemontea, 3x mwthomasjr, 2 x Carsen, C. Bladow, M. Polo, L.vampa, at least 3 jebem, 1x D. Hayden, striegel, 4x J Horn, arno K, D. Sturrock, xmehq, F. Lusk, pdo, 2x D. Frederickson, 5x Helix, 4x HrastProgrammer, SMaus, AlexFekken, estimated 9x rprosperi, 2x voldemar, JimP, jimbo, aurelio, Jlouis, D williams, 2 emece67, 3 ttw, 2 G Schink, hewlpac, 2 T Vallestad, 2 Hans S, TheKaneB, 48GX, lrdheat, dfnr2, Siegfried, Eddie_WShore)
6 x 55 (, ls41028, F. Lusk, bobVA, D williams, hewlpac) 
8 x 65 (larthurl,J Horn, D williams, badaze, K. Midson, 2 hewlpac, dfnr2)
20 x 67 ( Didier Lachieze,, T.Okken, hth, larthurl , P.Berger, M. Hohmann, A. Fekken, ls41028, D Danone, bobVA, aurelio, 2 D williams, badaze, G Schink, 2 hewlpac, T Vallestad, dfnr2)
1 x 70 (emece67)
46 x 71B ( Didier Lachieze, J.Keith, P.Berger, 2x G. Wilson, M. Hohmann, C. Bladow, J Horn, D. Sturrock, 10x D. Frederickson, 3x M. Hohmann, 6x S.Cote, 9x rprosperi, G Donnini, Jlouis, D williams, badaze, K. Midson, T Vallestad, 48GX, salvomic, Eddie_WShore)
28 x 75/75C/75D (4x P.Berger, G. Wilson, 3x D. Frederickson, 2x M. Hohmann, 10x S.Cote, 6x rprosperi, 2 D williams)
7 x 80 (larthurl, bobVA, D williams, emece67, hewlpac, T Vallestad, Siegfried)
1 x 86B (smp)
2 x 91 (D williams, hewlpac)
1 x 92 (D williams)
1 x 94 (D williams)
8 x 95/95LX (1x P.Berger, xmehq, bobVA, badaze, K. Midson, T Vallestad, B Duncan, Eddie_WShore)
14 x 97 (P.Berger, M. Hohmann, ls41028, J Horn, D. Frederickson, 2x bobVA, Jlouis, D williams, badaze, G Schink, hewlpac, Accutron, dfnr2)
1 x 100 LX (
1 x 110+ (smp)
13 x 200 LX (J.Keith, larthurl, P.Berger,M. Polo, smp, 5x Helix, badaze, hewlpac, Siegfried)
1 x 360LX (badaze)
9 x 300S/300S+ (6 x J Horn, D williams, T Vallestad, Eddie_WShore)
2 x 9100 series (2 dfnr2)
1 x 9820 (Accutron)
3 x 9825 (2x P.Berger, Accutron)
1 x 9815 (C. Bladow)
45 x Prime (2 x salvomic, grsbanks, DA74254, Didier Lachieze, 2 x, J.Keith, P.Berger, benjer, 2x A. Fekken, lemontea, ls41028, mwthomasjr, Carsen, C. Bladow, jebem, smp, D. Hayden, 6x J Horn, arno K, L Hyatt, SMaus, rprosperi, voldemar, JimP, bobVA, jimbo, ttw, G Schink, T Vallestad, TheKaneB, Accutron, 48GX, lrdheat, 2 Hans_S, 2 Eddie_WShore)

[b]Not Hp[/b]

41 CL
14 x (Didier Lachieze, hth, 6x S. Cote, smp, D. Hayden, robertm, bobVA, aurelio, M Gnerucci)

WP (almost HP?)
2 x 31S (bobVA, T Vallestad)
35 x 34S (Didier Lachieze,, 3x P.Berger, 2x mwthomasjr, 2x D. Hayden, striegel, xmehq, Jim Horn, SMaus, JimP, bobVA, aurelio, Jlouis, 6 emece67, G Schink, 3 hewlpac, revwillie, T Vallestad, Hans S, lrdheat, 3 dfnr2, Eddie_WShore)

SwissMicros (almost HP?)
1 x DM11L (grsbanks)
1 x DM12L (grsbanks)
17 x DM15L/15 (grsbanks, 2x larthurl, 2x A. Fekken, jthole, Helix, JimP, 2 emece67, K. Midson, 2 Alex S, G Schink, Hans S, 2 dfnr2)
4 x DM16L/16C (grsbanks, mwthomasjr, lemontea, dfnr2)
8 x DM41/41L (grsbanks, 4ster, larthurl, Dani R., A. Fekken, M Gnerucci, G Schink, Hans S)
15 x DM42/DM42Beta (2 grsbanks, T.Okken, Dani R., mwthomasjr, DA74254, larthurl, SMaus, G Schink, hewlpac, revwillie, Hans S, 2 48GX)

1 x 9x Galaxy (J Horn)
5 x SR-10 (smp, striegel, bobVA, hewlpac, Accutron)
2 x SR-11 (smp, larthurl)
9 x 30/30Xa/30X2s/others ( 3x benjer, G. Wilson, D. Hayden, 2x striegel , xmehq, Accutron)
3 x 34 (pier4r, DavidM, J Horn)
2 x 35 variants (jthole,xmehq)
5 x 36X Pro (benjer, mwthomasjr, xmehq, JimP, lrdheat)
2 x SR-40 (Jlouis, Accutron)
1 x SR-50 (bobVA)
1 x 51 variants (Accutron)
3 x 52 (3 hewlpac)
1 x 53 (grsbanks)
4 x 55 (C. Bladow, D. Hayden, striegel, Accutron)
1 x SR56 (M.Hohmann)
2 x 57 (HrastProgrammer, Accutron)
6 x 58C (2x P.Berger, G. Wilson, striegel, hewlpac, Accutron)
5 x 59 (P.Berger, G. Wilson, M. Hohmann, D. Hayden, HrastProgrammer)
1 x SR50 (benjer)
4 x 66 (J Horn, hewlpac, T Vallestad, grsbanks)
1 x Galaxy 67 (grsbanks)
3 x 68 (benjer)
4 x 74 (benjer, smp, salvomic, M Hohmann, T Vallestad)
2 x 80 (benjer, grsbanks)
2 x 81 (benjer, Accutron)
4 x 82 (benjer, Accutron, 2 grsbanks)
7 x 83/83+ (benjer, M.Hohmann, striegel, revwillie, T Vallestad, 2 M Hohmann)
5 x 84+/84+SE/84+CE (benjer, 2x mwthomasjr, xmehq, M Hohmann)
2 x 85 (benjer, Accutron)
1 x 86 (benjer)
12 x 89 (pier4r, benjer, 2 M. Hohmann, mwthomasjr, 2x xmehq, JimP, Jlouis, TheKaneB, Accutron, grsbanks)
13 x 92/92+/Voyage 200 (salvomic, 2x grsbanks, M. Hohmann, smp, striegel, Jlouis, 3 Hans S, TheKaneB, 2 Siegfried)
1 x 95 (benjer, M Hohmann)
1 x 1100 (striegel)
1 x 1270 (Accutron)
1 x 1780 (T Vallestad)
1 x 1270 (striegel)
1 x 5040 (benjer)
2 x 5025 (2x striegel)
1 x 5130 (benjer)
8 x NSpire CX/ CX CAS /handhed (grsbanks, pier4r, 2x mwthomasjr, M.Hohmann, Jlouis, Hans S, lrdheat)

1 x fx-19 variants (T Vallestad)
3 x fc-cg 10/20/50 prizm (Jlouis, Hans S, lrdheat)
5 x 82 series ( 2x brickviking, striegel, edS2, TheKaneB)
1 x FX 95MS (salvomic)
8 x fx-115M/and variants (benjer, 3x J Horn, xmehq, edS2, Accutron)
1 x FX-100 series (salvomic)
2 x 101 series ( 2 Jlouis)
1 x 110 series (salvomic)
1 x 200 series (salvomic)
2 x fx-250 variats (2x J Horn)
2 x fx-260 series (Gamo, xmehq)
1 x sl-300 (edS2)
4 x Fx-300 variants (Gamo, 3x J Horn)
2 x FX-570 variants (salvomic, grsbanks)
1 x 700 series (Jlouis)
2 x 702 series (K. Midson, grsbanks)
1 x 730 variants (T Vallestad)
1 x 770 series (Jlouis)
1 x fx-802 series (Jlouis)
1 x aq 810 (J Horn)
1 x fx-850 series (Jlouis)
3 x fx-880 series (grsbanks, Jlouis, M Hohmann)
1 x 900 series (lrdheat)
7 x fx 991 variants (J Horn, xmehq, SMaus, T Vallestad, TheKaneB, 2 lrdheat)
1 x fx 1000 variants (grsbanks)
1 x fc 1000 variants (salvomic)
1 x fx 3600P (grsbanks)
1 x fx 3650P variants (grsbanks)
1 x fx-3800P (benjer)
1 x fx 3600 series (Jlouis)
1 x fx 4500 series (Jlouis)
1 x 6300 variants (Accutron)
1 x 6500 variants (grsbanks)
6 x fx-7000G/GA and variants (grsbanks, 2x benjer, 2 Jlouis, Accutron)
2 x fx-7300G (benjer, T Vallestad)
1 x fx-7400G (2x benjer)
2 x fx-7700G (benjer, Accutron)
1 x fx-8000G (benjer)
1 x fx-8500G (grsbanks)
2 x fx-9750G+ (brickviking, J Horn)
4 x fx-9750gII/fx-9860GII (brickviking, mwthomasjr, grsbanks, xmehq)
2 x cfx-9800g (J Horn, Accutron)
1 x cfx-9850G+ (benjer)
3 x Classpad 300/330/400 (xmehq, Hans S, lrdheat)

1x el-e300 (J Horn)
8 x el 506 variants (pier4r, xmehq, striegel, 2x  M.Hohmann, edS2, TheKaneB, 2 Hans_S)
1 x el516 variants (xmehq)
1 x el-509a (J Horn)
2 x el 512 (striegel)
1 x el 540 (TheKaneB)
1 x el 556 (edS2)
1 x el 733 (striegel)
1 x el 1500 ( striegel)
1 x el 5020 (mwthomasjr)
1 x el 5100 (striegel)
1 x el 5103 (striegel)
1 x el 5120 (TheKaneB)
1 x EL-5200  (benjer)
1 x oz 7000 (J Horn)
1 x el 8024 (striegel)
1 x el 8140 (T Vallestad)
1 x el 9300 (edS2)
1 x EL-9600 series (benjer)
1 x el 9900 (TheKaneB)
1 x pc 1210 (K. Midson)
1 x pc 1211 (K. Midson)
1 x pc 1251 (HrastProgrammer)
1 x pc 1360 (K. Midson)
1 x pc 1500 (Jlouis)
1 x PC-1401 (Helix)
1 x pc 1402 (Jlouis)
1 x pc 1403 (HrastProgrammer)
1 x pc 1421 (Jlouis)
1 x PCG850 (Helix)

And of course a bet:
the 50g wins , the 48 will be second. Third maybe the Prime.

PS: Did someone do a poll like this in the past?
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