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41CL Forum

roger schoenthal, 2011/07/09 08:45

Welcome to the forum :-)



Kerem Kapkin, 2011/12/21 19:26

Hello CL World! I hope you are enjoying your 41CL as much as I do or more :). Thanks to Monte!

Geoff Quickfall, 2011/07/09 22:23, 2011/07/09 22:24

Paul and Etienne,

thats why I asked as there are traces right by the posts. I posted a few years ago and again with the CL as similar fix to the board if the posts were stripped and the hexnuts no longer grabbed:


The tubing is the same type used for creating new card wheel pinch rollers. A little more flexible then the aquarium tubing.

Also, did a memory lost and then created a byte jumper for synthetics, what a hoot!


Paul Dale, 2011/07/09 17:25

I left the nuts off my tall keys 41cl. I uses a short piece of poly-pipe from the fish tank spares over the posts and these seem to apply enough pressure to make everything happy.

I was mostly concerned about the nuts doing nasties to the CL CPU board. There are track close to the post holes.

- Pauli

Geoff Quickfall, 2011/07/09 16:31

Bonjour Etienne

Did you place any plastic spacers (insulation) between the nut and the board? I know, it is so easy to strip the posts also when tightening the nuts.

There is something romantic? about a tall keys and the CL board!


Etienne Victoria, 2011/07/09 15:40

Hello Massimo and Geoff=

No, no use of the serial port yet. doesn't ship to France such small items. Therefore, I am going to build the cable myself.

In the meanwhile, I have moved the 41CL board to a very clean tall keys Hp 41C and also added the internal serial connector.

The metal bolts securing the board were especially hard to tighten without damaging the CL board but they do provide a tight fit.

My next step will be to burn Angel's companion ROM to Clonix and experiment.

During the summer, I'll rebuid another accupack to provide a better power source.

Cheers from France!


Geoff Quickfall, 2011/07/09 14:32

Hello Massimo!

have you been using the serial port, I am still awaiting the cable. Anyone else help here?

I have and older XP Windows machine with a RS232 ability, using it with the 34S. Has anyone got a step by step sequence plus program requirement that will allow me to download and edit the source code and etc.'

Also, I do have a PIL and would appreciate what is required for the 41CL HPIL PIL computer. Yes i know i need 41EMU and should read Jeffs stuff. Anyone got a quick primer.

Cheers, Geoff

you have my email ;-)

Massimo, 2011/07/09 12:37, 2011/07/09 12:37

Hello world! ;-)


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