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Sample routines for saving calculator state to FLASH

Sequence of steps to create the write from 800 to XXX (XXX is your choice of user FLASH ram this example uses 0C9). Check with the manual for available addresses, and for why YFNS should be in RAM when writing to FLASH.
Note that the production version of the 41CL loads the 'YFNZ' version of the Y functions ROM, which uses module ID 15, at page 7 when the MMU is disabled, such as for instance after a MEMORY LOST. The production documentation also uses the same version of the ROM in its example code for initializing the 41CL. (i.e. 'YFNZ' PLUG1L MMUEN.) Code written with functions from this ROM will fail if the 'YFNS' version is loaded instead.

<sxh text; first-line: 1; highlight: 5; title: Routine to create the write from 800 to XXX:> LBL “YCTOF” TURBO50 “062>812” YMCPY “812-RAM” »YFNS in RAM so YFWR and YFERASE can be used. PLUG1L “OC9000” YFERASE “800>0C9 YFWR “YFNS” PLUG1L END </sxh>

Now at a complete “MEMORY LOSS” state. MANUALLY execute the following, as any routine will be erased at line 7 and will not complete! I have been advised that a physical ROM plugged into the 41C with a routine based on the keystrokes below would indeed run uninterrupted, thus automating the restoration process also. Angel Martin has created a ROM of utilities which automate the backup and restore routines listed below. Thanks Angel!

<sxh text; first-line: 1; highlight: ; title: Perform this manually:> MMUCLR »basic reboot steps to enable MMU etc. “YFNS” PLUG1L MMUEN TURBO50 “0C9>800” »copy calc state from FLASH back to 800 YMCPY XEQ “U-PG” »optional; see below XEQ “SGMT” »optional; see below </sxh>

Routine adaptable to any configuration desired: Unplug and PLug

<sxh text; first-line: 1; highlight: ; title: PLug or Unplug:> LBL “U-PG” SF 01 XEQ 61 “FUN WORK UPG” »these can be any titles or letters, just use the first letter AVIEW »of each mnemonic for the GETKEY function, in this example F, W, U GETKEY GTO IND X LBL 21 »GETKEY “F” “FUNS” PLUG3 “TREK” PLUG1U GTO 10 LBL 63 »GETKEY “W” CCDX PLUG1U “PPCM” PLUG2 GTO 10 LBL 61 »GETKEY “U” UPLUG1U UPLUG2 UPLUG3 UPLUG4 FS?C 01 RTN LBL 10 “DONE” »I place the “DONE” here as the routine is so fast you AVIEW »will not know it has completed. RTN </sxh>

Clock set, after restoring calculator back to desired state, following “MEMORY LOSS”

<sxh text; first-line: 1; highlight: ; title: Set the clock:> LBL “SGMT” TURBO50 “DATE?” PROMPT SETDATE “TIME” PROMPT SETIME “+-GMT?” PROMPT T+X CLOCK END </sxh>

Provided by: Geoff Quickfall

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