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41CL ROM and Routines


The idea to develop a set of 41CL Utilities and put them into a companion ROM started very early during the initial discovery of the machine's capabilities. This module is currently labeled “CL_UTILS” and the hope is that many users will contribute with their favorite subjects, enhancing the 41CL native function set.

To make accessible to the 41CL user community all utilities and enhancement programs for the machine. Both MCODE functions and FOCAL programs, the 41CL is suitable for either type given its user interface and fast execution speed.

Current Status

Last update: 23-Jul-2011

The current contents of the CL_UTILS module, which will hopefully continue to grow, is listed below.

Getting Started

Technical Information

-CL UTILS Module Header
sCLF Accesses the 5 launcher functions below - 39x functions in total! (Ángel Martin)
BAUD BAUD 4x functions launcher Ángel Martin)
BFCAT Buffer Catalog (Ángel Martin)
BLCAT Block Catalog (from HEPAX)
MMU _ MMU 4x functions launcher (Ángel Martin)
PLUG _ PLUG 12x functions launcher (Ángel Martin)
TURBO _ TURBO 7x functions launcher (Ángel Martin)
UPLUG _ UPLUG 12x functions Launcher (Ángel Martin)
YBSP ALPHA back Space (W&W GmbH)
YCL> Clears string from “>” control char (W&W GmbH)
YCL- Clears string from “-” control char (W&W GmbH)
YINPT _ Y Input alpha string as parameter for Y-Fns. (Ángel Martin)
Y1SEC one-second delay (Monte Dalrymple)
YSWAP> swaps both sides around “>” control char (Ángel Martin)
YSWAP- swaps both sides around “-” control char (Ángel Martin)
DTOA Display to ALPHA (Ángel Martin)
PATCH1B PATCH for YFNS-1A (Roger Schoental)
HEPCL HEPAX FileSys Init - CL (Ángel Martin)
YWALL Y-Write-ALL (Geoff Quickfall)
YRALL Y_Read-ALL (Geoff Quickfall)
?MMU Returns MMU Status Yes/No, skip line if false (Ángel Martin)
-PASSWORD Section Header
SECURE enable password lock (Nick Harmer)
UNLOCK disable password lock (Ángel Martin)
XPASS change password (Nick Harmer)


1. PATCH1B will patch the beta version of YFNS_1A to the 1B revision, as per the changes documented in the CL Beta Status document.

2.The Secure / Password functions use the WROM (WMDL) instruction, and therefore will not work until the CL beta firmware is upgraded.

3. YALL and YRALL will back-up and restore all the 41 RAM and the MMU entries into Flash. Use at your own risk! To prevent from accidental errors they require the string “OK” in Alpha to work. “OKALL” also does the MMU contents besides the 41 RAM. Use it with care.

4. The U/I for “sCLF”, “BAUD”, “MMU” and “TURBO” also presents the available choices in the function prompt.

5. “sCLF” provides prompting access to 39 functions within the CL with a single key assignment. This is *the* function to assign!

6. The CL_UTILS expects the xrom id# in the YFNZ ROM to be 15. If you're using the “alternate” version YFNS they won't work - unless you patch it to change its xrom id# to 15.

Some functions are hybrid, with MCODE entries but at core they are FOCAL.


Code Snippets

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