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CL ROM and Routines

roger schoenthal, 1969/12/31 16:00


Howard Owen, 2011/12/23 22:02

Ángel's CLUTILS 2E package is available * at The source code manual and QRG are also available here.

Craig Ruff, 2011/12/10 19:51

Is there updated documentation and/or source code for CLUTLS 2C, as shipped with the latest 41CL board?

Angel Martin, 2011/07/13 11:03, 2011/07/13 11:04

BTW here's the current FAT and minimalistic QRG:-

Angel Martin, 2011/07/13 11:02, 2011/07/13 11:03

I've added a couple of tricks to the CL_UTILS module, as follows:

1. upon startup the execution is transferred to the TURBO function, prompting the user for a suitable value (X,2,5,10,20,50, or ?) After the setting is complete, execution returns to the OS - with your CL in the desired Turbo speed.

2. also upon startup the PASSWORD routine kicks in and depending on the SECURE atatus of the machine it prompts for the password to proceed. I thought the SECURE and UNLOCK fuctions wouldn't work because of the WROM bug, yet if you chose your password carefully you can go around it. So it sort of works fine now, at least for my password :-)

Hope you enjoy it.

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