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WP 34S Repurposing Project


wp34soverlay.jpg WP 34S Calculator

This project is a fully featured scientific repurposing of the HP-20b and HP-30b calculators.

The WP 34S supports most of the functionality of the original HP-42s (with plenty of extensions), all of the functionality of the HP-16c (again with plenty of extensions) and lots of brand new functionality never seen on a base model calculator before.

The WP 34S is keystroke programmable using a variant of the HP-41's FOCAL model. Many of the functions have been designed with keystroke programming in mind and the result is a very full featured and powerful device.

Currrent Status

Last update: 07-Jul-2011

The WP 34S project lives at:

This wiki is currently being updated with a lot of archive material from the initial iterations; please be patient.

Getting Started

If you are new to repurposing, and the WP 34S, you should read the “Quick start guide” below.

The guide will give you an overview of how you can convert your HP-30b or HP-20b into a WP 34S calculator.

Online Assembler/Disassembler

  • NEW! Online assembler/disassembler

There is now an experimental online assembler/disassembler available here. This tool will allow you to compile WP 34S source code online
and have the compiled object file sent to you via email. This can then be loaded into your WP 34S via download. Multiple files or programs
can be combined and loaded at one time, giving you the ability to keep a whole library of programs on your calculator at any time.

Technical Information


All downloads are on the SourceForge project page at


Educated users may access the SVN repository directly. Be aware that the latest revision may or may not work. If you are looking for a stable WP 34S package you better download the release files.

If you do not want to install a regular SVN client, you can use your browser to download single files. This may have some side effects and is not encouraged by the developers but it can be done.


Code Snippits

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