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 +====== WP-34s Overview ======
 +**Note:** A very comprehensive and well written manual is part of the wp34s package and can be downloaded separately from [[http://​​projects/​wp34s/​files/​doc/​|the sourceforge doc folder.]] ​ I'm fililng out this page just to give those unfamiliar with the project a quick overview of the functionality provided by the WP-34s.
 +For those familiar with HP calculators of yor, Paul and Walter sum it up best in the manual:
 +> The WP 34S function set is based on the famous HP-42S RPN Scientific, the most powerful programmable RPN calculator built so far.  We expanded this set, incorporating the functionality of the renowned programmer‘s calculator HP-16C, the fraction mode of the HP-32SII, probability distributions as featured by the HP-21S, and added many more useful functions for mathematics,​ statistics, physics, engineering,​ programming,​ like:
 +>  * Euler'​s Beta function, Fibonacci numbers, Lambert'​s W (all of these in real and complex domains), the error function, incomplete regularized Beta and Gamma, Riemann‘s Zeta, the most popular orthogonal polynomials,​ testing for primality,  ​
 +>  * many statistical distributions and their inverses like Poisson, Binomial, Geometric as well as Cauchy-Lorentz,​ Exponential,​ Logistic, Weibull for reliability analysis, Lognormal and Gaussian with arbitrary means and standard deviations,  ​
 +>  * programmable sums and products, first and second derivatives, ​
 +>  * extended date and time calculations based on a real time clock,
 +>  * integer computing in arbitrary bases from binary to hexadecimal, ​
 +>  * financial operations like mean rate of return and margin calculations,  ​
 +>  * 80 conversions,​ mainly between universal SI and old Imperial units, ​
 +>  * 50 fundamental physical constants as precise as known today by national standards institutes like NIST or PTB, plus some more out of mathematics,​ astronomy, and surveying, ​
 +>  * complete ​ Greek  and  extended ​ Latin  letter ​ fonts  covering ​ many  languages ​ on this planet (upper and lower case in two font sizes each).
 +For the uninitiated (to HP calculators) this means the WP-34s supports the following:
 +  * Reverse Polish Notation - does **not** support chain or algebraic mode.
 +  * logarithmic and trigonometric functions, including their hyperbolic and inverse functions.
 +  * statistics: sum, mean, standard deviation and many other functions
 +  * RPN keystroke programmable à la HP-41 - over 500 steps - numeric and/or alpha labels, 4554 steps burnable into flash banks.
 +  * probability functions: x!, combinations,​ permutations etc..
 +  * conversion between degrees, radians and gradians; rectangular and polar co-ordinates,​ decimal and hours:​minutes:​seconds;​ binary, octal, decimal and hex, decimal, fractions and improper fractions, not to mention some 80 unit convsions.
 +  * Equation solver - finds f(x) = 0
 +  * Numeric integration and 1st and 2nd derivative.
 +  * Binary, octal or hexadecimal arithmetic.
 +  * Most functions support complex numbers.
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