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 +//​Experiment to see how much trouble it would be to port the sourceforge media wiki to doku//
 +===== Contents =====
 +==== Introduction ====
 +>[[The WP 34s: A Problem Solver]]
 +>​[[Manual Quick Start|Quick Start]]
 +>​[[Oddities]] - things most likely to stump the HP calculator user.
 +===== Part 1 Basic Operation =====
 +==== Getting Started ====
 +>Turning the Calculator On and Off
 +>The Display And Annuciators
 +>​Adjusting The Display Contrast
 +>The Keyboard
 +>Keying In Numbers
 +>​Clearing Operations
 +>​[[Simple Arithmetic]]
 +>Chain Calculations
 +>Before You Continue
 +==== RPN: The Automatic Memory Stack and ALPHA Register ====
 +>The Stack
 +>The Display and ALPHA Register
 +>​Manipulating Stack Contents
 +>The ENTER Key
 +>​Clearing the Stack
 +>​One-Number Functions and the Stack
 +>​Two-Number Functions and the Stack
 +>Chain Arithmetic
 +>​Constant Arithmetic
 +>Order of Execution
 +>Last X
 +>Sample Problems
 +==== Controlling the Display Format ====
 +>ALL, FIX ,SCI, and ENG Formats
 +>​Automatic Display Switching
 +==== Storing and Recalling Numbers and ALPHA Strings ====
 +>Storage Registers
 +>VIEW Function
 +>​Clearing Storage Registers
 +>Storage Register Arithmetic
 +==== Real Number Functions ====
 +>General Mathematic Functions
 +>​Trigonometric Functions
 +>​Logarithmic and Exponential Functions
 +==== Fractions ====
 +>​Entering Fractions
 +>​Fractions in the Display
 +>​Changing the Fraction Display
 +==== Operations with Complex Numbers ====
 +>The Complex Stack
 +>Complex Operations
 +===== Part 2 Programming =====
 +==== Simple Programming ====
 +>​Designing a Program
 +>​Entering a Program
 +>Running a Program
 +>​Stopping or Interrupting a Program
 +>Editing a Program
 +>​Clearing Programs
 +==== Program Input and Output ====
 +>Using VIEW and PSE to Display Data
 +>​[[Entering and Displaying Alpha Strings]]
 +>Using PROMPT to Input Data
 +==== Programming Techniques ====
 +>​Conditional Tests
 +>​Indirect Addressing
 +===== Part 3 Advanced Operation =====
 +>Finding the Roots of an Equation
 +>​Numerical Integration
 +>​Statistics Functions
 +>Base Operations
 +>​[[Conversions and Constants]]
 +==== Managing Calculator Memory ====
 +==== User Flags ====
 +==== Firmware Updates ====
 +==== Serial I/O ====
 +>Data Transfer With a PC
 +>Data Transfer With Another WP34s
 +===== Part 4 Appendixes and Reference =====
 +==== A. Support, Batteries and Service ====
 +>​Calculator Support
 +>Answers to Common Questions
 +>​Environmental Limits
 +>Testing Calculator Operation
 +>​Replacing the Batteries
 +==== B. Memory ====
 +>​Resetting the Calculator
 +>​Clearing Memory
 +==== C. Messages ====
 +==== D. Operation Index ====
 +==== E. WP-34s Developers Guide  ====
 +>[[How to develop programs]]
 +>[[How to build the windows emulator]]
 +>[[How to build the firmware]]
 +>[[How to debug]]
 +==== Index ====
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