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Experiment to see how much trouble it would be to port the sourceforge media wiki to doku



A Problem Solver
Quick Start
Oddities - things most likely to stump the HP calculator user.

Part 1 Basic Operation

Getting Started

Turning the Calculator On and Off
The Display And Annuciators
Adjusting The Display Contrast
The Keyboard
Keying In Numbers
Clearing Operations
Simple Arithmetic
Chain Calculations
Before You Continue

RPN: The Automatic Memory Stack and ALPHA Register

The Stack
The Display and ALPHA Register
Manipulating Stack Contents
Clearing the Stack
One-Number Functions and the Stack
Two-Number Functions and the Stack
Chain Arithmetic
Constant Arithmetic
Order of Execution
Last X
Sample Problems

Controlling the Display Format

ALL, FIX ,SCI, and ENG Formats
Automatic Display Switching

Storing and Recalling Numbers and ALPHA Strings

Storage Registers
VIEW Function
Clearing Storage Registers
Storage Register Arithmetic

Real Number Functions

General Mathematic Functions
Trigonometric Functions
Logarithmic and Exponential Functions


Entering Fractions
Fractions in the Display
Changing the Fraction Display

Operations with Complex Numbers

The Complex Stack
Complex Operations

Part 2 Programming

Simple Programming

Designing a Program
Entering a Program
Running a Program
Stopping or Interrupting a Program
Editing a Program
Clearing Programs

Program Input and Output

Using VIEW and PSE to Display Data
Entering and Displaying Alpha Strings
Using PROMPT to Input Data

Programming Techniques

Conditional Tests
Indirect Addressing

Part 3 Advanced Operation

Finding the Roots of an Equation
Numerical Integration
Statistics Functions
Base Operations
Conversions and Constants

Managing Calculator Memory


User Flags

Firmware Updates

Serial I/O

Data Transfer With a PC
Data Transfer With Another WP34s

Part 4 Appendixes and Reference

A. Support, Batteries and Service

Calculator Support
Answers to Common Questions
Environmental Limits
Testing Calculator Operation
Replacing the Batteries

B. Memory

Resetting the Calculator
Clearing Memory

C. Messages

D. Operation Index

E. WP-34s Developers Guide



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