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 +====== HOWTO: build a WP-34s load to burn into an HP20b/30b ======
 +=== Environment ===
 +Intel box running Windows XP SP3.  ​
 +I do have a Vista laptop and Windows 7 netbook at home, but I haven'​t tried it on them yet.
 +=== Tools ===
 +First, install the tools required for building a [[34s:​howto_build_emulator|windows emulator]]
 +In order to build the calc.bin flash file from the same source tree, you will need to install:
 +  - [[http://​​|MinGW]] - install C and MSYS: provides a gcc compiler and make tools for windows.
 +  - [[http://​​|]] "Yet Another GNU ARM toolchain"​ - install the "​YAGARTO GNU ARM toolchain"​ package for the ARM cross-compiler.
 +=== Building ===
 +Follow the instructions for [[34s:​howto_build_emulator|setting the source code]]
 +  * cd wp34s/trunk
 +  * win-build-arm.cmd
 +  * cd ..
 +  * makelib.cmd
 +You will find your calc.bin and calc-full.bin in the realbuild directory to flash your calculator. ​ To *update* your WP-34s:
 +  * Run MySamba and point it at the newly build calc.bin or calc-full.bin if you want all the library programs in CAT.
 +  * Plug your cable in
 +  * Turn on the WP-34S
 +  * Press and hold ON, and press STO twice to backup the RAM (should say Saved after)
 +  * Press and hold ON, and press D once (should say Debug On)
 +  * Press and hold ON, and press S (6) twice to put the calculator into Samba mode and switch it off.
 +  * Press ON once to turn the calculator back on - careful not to press it twice as that will turn it off again and there is nothing on the display to tell you if it is on or off.
 +  * click Download on MySamba and wait for it to finish - should take less than 20 seconds.
 +  * Press RESET on the cable - or poke the recessed reset button on the back if your cable doesn'​t have a reset button.
 +  * When you turn on your WP34S, it should say "​Restored"​ and VERS should show your new Revision number.
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