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 +====== HOWTO: build an WP-34s windows emulator from source ======
 +=== Environment ===
 +Intel box running Windows XP SP3.  ​
 +I do have a Vista laptop and Windows 7 netbook at home, but I haven'​t tried it on them yet.
 +=== Tools ===
 +First you need to get and install some tools:
 +  - SVN client: I used Silk's subversion client http://​​en/​download - I did a custom install of only the svn command line tool.
 +  - Perl: I used ActivePerl'​s package for windows http://​​activeperl/​downloads
 +  - MS Visual C++ Express: thanks to the team's inclusion of libraries, MS's basic free C++ development environment will work - this is the latest 2010 version: http://​​visualstudio/​en-us/​products/​2010-editions/​visual-cpp-express
 +=== Building a windows binary ===
 +Bring up a windows console (Start->​Run..."​cmd"​) and change to a directory path that doesn'​t have any spaces in the name (cd c:\tmp)
 +  - Run the subversion command to get the latest software:
 +<​code>​svn checkout svn://​​p/​wp34s/​code/​trunk wp34s-code</​code>​
 +  - <​del>​To build from the command line, change to "​wp34s-code"​ directory and run makewin.cmd.</​del>​ \\ makewin.cmd is no longer in the repository (as of 17-Dec-2013) so best just to build via the GUI.
 +  - To build from the GUI, do the next 3 steps:
 +    * In windows explorer, find and double click on wp34s-code\windows\wp34s_express.sln to startup Visual C++ Express.
 +    * Make sure the solution configuration is set to "​Release"​ and not "​Debug"​ in the toolbar drop down menu.
 +    * In the "​Solution Explorer"​ sub-window, click on wp34s_express and hit "​F7"​ to build.
 +If all goes well, you should have a new wp34sgui.exe in the wp34s-code\windows\bin directory.
 +=== Debugging ===
 +Pretty much any changes you make to the code should be done on the emulator first. You should build the debug version of the software. Just select "​Debug"​ from the drop down menu and hit F7 to start the build.
 +By default, if you start Debugging from the Windows GUI you will get the Windows calculator. Debugging in Visual Studio works pretty much like any other GUI debugger - set breakpoints,​ step in, around and out etc... ​ Hover the pointer over a variable usually displays it's current value.
 +To debug the original "​curses"​ text emulator start wp34s_d.exe and select "​Attach debugger..."​ from the Debug menu. Pick out your wp34s process from the list and click on "​Attach"​. ​ This has it's advantages in that it shows all registers, modes and stack values, but you need the "​layout"​ file to know which keyboard key maps to which calculator key. 
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