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 +===== Bruce Bergman =====
 +  * Company: [[http://​|MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.]] ​
 +  * Title: Manager, Applications Development
 +  * Location: San Diego, CA
 +  * Email: [[]]
 +  * IM: (hidden)
 +  * See also: [[http://​|Fat City Hosting]], [[http://​|ParliamentaryPro]],​ [[http://​|Fairway Village News]], [[http://​|AI6KL]]
 +  * Biography: Software engineer by career, skilled in many areas including databases, compilers, embedded runtimes, UI/UX, data warehousing,​ Enterprise Architecture,​ and more. HP calculator user since 1977 (first calc: HP-25c). One of the founding columnists for [[http://​​|Embedded Systems Programming magazine]], and columnist/​editor between 1989 and 1991. Past board member of the Oracle Development Tools User Group ([[http://​|ODTUG]]). Currently managing teams of software engineers developing applications for MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.
 +  * Links: [[https://​​in/​bruceabergman|LinkedIn]]
 +  * Snapshot:
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