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 +====== HP-20b Financial Calculator ======
 +===== Quick Summary =====
 +|<​html><​br><​b>​Manufacturer:</​b>​ Hewlett-Packard<​p><​br><​b>​Type:</​b>​ Financial Calculator<​p><​br><​b>​Model:</​b>​ HP-20b<​p><​br><​b>​Part number:</​b>​ F2219AA#​ABA<​p><​br><​b>​Link to product:</​b></​html>​[[http://​​wwpc/​us/​en/​sm/​WF05a/​215348-215348-64232-20036-215349-3732534.html|click here]]|{{ :​c01438138.jpg |The HP-20b Business Consultant calculator}}|
 +===== Overview =====
 +The HP-20b "​Business Consultant"​ calculator was released in July 2008. The calculator offers a number of features for financial and business users:
 +|bonds|yield and accrued interest|
 +|interest conversion|list-based cashflow analysis|
 +|cashflows|break-even analysis|
 +In addition to financial functions, it includes a collection of statistical and mathematical functions:
 +|list-based 1 and 2-variable statistics|mean|
 +|standard deviation|population deviation|
 +|standard error|forecasting|
 +|correlations and covariance|basic math functions: +, -, X, ÷, %, 1/x, +/-, square root|
 +|random number|higher math functions: LOG, LN, 10x, pi, trigonometry,​ probability|
 +===== Users Manual =====
 +Hewlett-Packard has a collection of official HP-20b information [[http://​​ewfrf/​wc/​documentSubCategory?​tmp_task=useCategory&​lc=en&​dlc=en&​cc=us&​lang=en&​product=60738|posted here.]]
 +===== Errata, hints and kinks =====
 +  * [[20b:​Impressions]]
 +  * [[20b:​Hints|Hints and non-obvious facts]]
 +  * [[20b:​firmware_versions|Firmware versions]]
 +  * [[20b:​Bugs|Bug list (confirmed and suspected)]]
 +  * [[20b:​FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)]]
 +===== Learning Modules =====
 +A series of very informative learning modules have been created by Gene Wright for HP. These modules expand in much greater detail on the features and functionality of the calculator. Each includes many examples, and the modules are divided into common use cases.
 +  * [[20b:​Learning Modules]]
 +===== Hacking (repurposing) the HP-20b =====
 +The HP-20b is a new breed of calculator for Hewlett-Packard,​ and one that reflects a casual open maturity. A group of HP calculator enthusiasts have begun work on repurposing the HP-20b for other uses, primarily enabled by accessing the [[http://​​wiki/​Jtag|JTAG]] connector on the main circuit board. This is a work in progress, although the group is actively soliciting individuals to help with this effort.
 +  * [[20b:​repurposing_project|HP-20b Repurposing Project]]
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