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 +===== Software Required =====
 +For code development,​ you need an ARM toolchain (C compiler, assembler, linker, debugger). There are several choices:
 +  * GNUARM GNU tool chain (GCC, etc), free, no size limit.
 +  * CodeSourcery,​ GNU based, commercial, "Lite Edition"​ at no charge (no size limit, but includes command line tools only).
 +  * IAR, commerical, 32K code-size-limited version (free). [[http://​​Download/​SW/?​item=EWARM-KS32|Download]] ​ [[http://​​website1/​​68/​1/​|Info]]
 +  * Keil, commercial.
 +  * ARM RealView, commercial, expensive, reportedly has significantly better code generation than any other ARM compiler.
 +> cyrille: I advise using IAR as this is the one that HP has been using. <<<<​
 +==== Connection to calculator ====
 +If you only want to download binaries, you need the Amtel SAM-BA download program (free). [[http://​​dyn/​products/​tools_card.asp?​tool_id=3883|Download.]]
 +If you want full-debugging capabilities,​ you will need a hardware ICE solution, or a debugger supporting the JTAG interface that you are using (see the [[hardware_required|hardware required]] section for related information. Note: most of the software tool chains above support the Amtel A91SAM-ICE and Segger J-Link unit.
 +==== See Also ====
 +  * [[20B:​hardware_required|Hardware required]]
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