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 +I've been developing the 4-banger I uploaded recently and am approaching a worthwhile scientific calculator. ​ Walter Bonin and I have been working on the keyboard layout and function set and I've been doing the implementation.
 +The calculator is based loosely on the HP-34c with some of the more modern functions added; it also has complex operations like the 32/35 series but over a much wider range of functinos. ​ Additionall,​ the device supports superset of the HP-16c integer mode functionality. ​ It is programmable with 500 steps of program memory (every instruction taking but a single step) and 100 storage registers.
 +Registers and the stack are 16 digits decimal arithmetic.
 +Internal operations are performed in 39 digit decimal arithmetic with an extended exponent range.
 +Statistical accumulations are done in 34 digits decimal arithmetic which should avoid rounding and cancellation problems.
 +Some special functions are log gamma, beta, zeta and Labert'​s W -- the latter real mode only at present but the former are defined over the complex plane.
 +Download the sources, installable binaries and the documentation from:
 +- Pauli
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