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ADC pin ID and demo program


Demo program showing the four ADC input channels.


Boot calc into test mode (to allow stock firmware to configure and init the chip), connect a debugger, halt the chip, download the image, and let 'er rip. It'll probably corrupt anything you had in ram before.

It works best if you can provide an analog signal to the four channels. Full scale appears to be about 1.8V, so you'll want to limit the signal amplitude.


Analog input demo.

Convert and display the conversion data for the four ADC input channels. Each channel is shown on the display as 3 hex digits, ranging from 0 to 0x3ff. Full scale appears to be 1.8V DC.

Runs from ram, Thumb mode, trashes memory, and requires some sort of JTAG debugger to load and start the program. OCD Commander reports a starting address of 0x002FF000, in case your debugger can't figure it out.

Source included, but don't expect much.

Disclaimer: Yes, the code is ugly. Fix it at your own risk. Consider it nothing more than a toy to demonstrate that we know a little about the hardware.

Happy HP Hacking!

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