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HP-20b Repurposing Project


The HP-20b offers a number of ways to get into the embedded firmware of the calculator. Our project proposes to use these “back doors” to explore the calculator, modify the firmware and potentially use the base calculator as a launching platform for custom operational versions. In other words, we'd like to take the HP-20b and reprogram it to do other things, including, potentially, emulating other HP calculators.

Currrent Status

Last update: 22-Jul-2008

This project was started (envisioned) on the HP Museum Forums around 16-Jul-2008 by forum participants.

This wiki was created on 22-Jul-2008 as a way to organize an information repository for our project team.

Currently, the group is exploring the calculator hardware and documenting its internal operation.

Key Project Information

Getting Started

Technical Information


Code Snippits

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