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File transfer speed tests

OpenOCD r520, parport vs. USB JTAG adapters

Downloading 128kB from PC to HP20B

Adapter DCC enabled? jtag_speed Elapsed time
evb_lm3s811 no 0x80 79.78s
evb_lm3s811 no 0x40 42.56s
evb_lm3s811 no 0x20 23.84s
evb_lm3s811 no 0x10 14.66s
evb_lm3s811 no 0x8 10.05s
evb_lm3s811 no 0x4 9.52s
evb_lm3s811 no 0x2 7.19s
evb_lm3s811 no 0x1 6.53s
evb_lm3s811 no 0x0 5.91s
evb_lm3s811 yes 0x80 20.44s
evb_lm3s811 yes 0x40 18.61s
evb_lm3s811 yes 0x20 9.70s
evb_lm3s811 yes 0x10 5.22s
evb_lm3s811 yes 0x8 3.03s
evb_lm3s811 yes 0x4 1.88s
evb_lm3s811 yes 0x2 1.42s
evb_lm3s811 yes 0x1 1.23s
evb_lm3s811 yes 0x0 1.02s
wiggler no 0x8 136.69s
wiggler no 0x4 76.20s
wiggler no 0x2 46.27s
wiggler no 0x1 31.48s
wiggler no 0x0 16.73s
wiggler yes 0x8 70.56s
wiggler yes 0x4 39.48s
wiggler yes 0x2 23.78s
wiggler yes 0x1 16.16s
wiggler yes 0x0 8.40s

Uploading 128kB from HP20B to PC

Adapter jtag_speed Elapsed time
evb_lm3s811 0x80 81.12s
evb_lm3s811 0x40 44.52s
evb_lm3s811 0x20 26.08s
evb_lm3s811 0x10 15.52s
evb_lm3s811 0x8 11.61s
evb_lm3s811 0x4 8.91s
evb_lm3s811 0x2 8.36s
evb_lm3s811 0x1 8.19s
evb_lm3s811 0x0 7.78s
wiggler 0x1 33.98s
wiggler 0x0 18.97s

Conclusions? USB adapters are much quicker, especially on a slow PC such as mine. OpenOCD's DCC download option gives a nice speed boost.

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