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 +====== Flashing a new ROM into the calculator ======
 +The process for loading the calculator with a new ROM image is fairly straightforward.
 +If you have the proper hardware, and a .BIN file, follow the instructions in the following file: {{:​20b:​flashing_a_20b_calculator.pdf|Flashing a 20B calculator}}.
 +(Note: The instructions say that the PC must have a physical serial port however I was successfully able to flash the ROM from a copy of XP running under VMWare on a MacBook Pro using a GigaWare USB<​->​Serial converter bought from [[http://​​product/​index.jsp?​productId=3120513|RadioShack]]. It was a good bit slower though so a physical port is advised if you are going to be uploading your own images frequently. //BruceH//)
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