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 +===== Circuit board details =====
 +Once the [[20B:​how_to_open_the_case|cover is removed]], you will be facing the back of the circuit board, like this:
 +  * A high resolution (1185x1693) picture of the circuit board is available [[20b:​big_circuit_board|here]]. Note: this is a 3MB file, so it may take a while to display.
 +==== Important landmarks ====
 +On the circuit board as pictured above, there are some key items:
 +|J1|JTAG port|
 +|J7|Analog input pins|
 +|J8|Uncommitted I/O pins|
 +|J34|Programming port|
 +|Y1|optional crystal|
 +|U3|Optional serial to RS232 tranceiver|
 +==== See Also ====
 +  * [[20B:​firmware|Calculator hardware description]]
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