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Current status

Current ToDo list

Why do i work on "best of" indexes?

Because knowledge, in my opinion, should be organized, else the effort required to find a specific piece of knowledge is too huge, then it's better to rediscover it. But reinventing the wheel is a very bad way, except for didactic purposes. Like a book, a wiki article and so on, the knowledge contained on discussion forums need an organized index to be valuable.

Unfortunately the HP calculators' community has made, from my point of view, a lot of knowledge through discussions and sharing of ideas. But almost no one (AFAIK) has organized this knowledge 1), and it's a pity. So i hope that with this wiki project (or other ones) we can fix this problem, organizing the existing discussions in a index of links. Of course an ideal wiki would not only organize the preexisting information with an index of links but it would even copy the useful information in wiki articles. But, since the free time is limited, organizing an index of links is already a great and highly valuable task, given that the there are years of discussions to analyze.

Wiki editor and notepad

Dunno if is my pc or it is chrome/firefox (maybe it is the spell check!). But i found that the editor area is slow when there are over 10k chars. So i prefer to copy and paste from a notepad 2), in the end is always plain text :) .

Update 2017.03: the editor of the wiki got quite “fancy”. Not bad but maybe a bit too much for thinclients.

Update 2017.08: One can turn off the fancy and heavy javascript clicking on the little cloud on the right bottom of the text area.

Personal notes after not having touched Hp calculators for a while

As usual, documentation helps. It hepls fellows humans or the self in the future when the self in the future does not really remember the work done in the past.

So after the n-th bad experiences let's make a checklist of things that helps to restart using the HP calculator (in particular the hp 50g).

windows Pc setup

Finding commands, that is having manuals

  or on


Capturing pictures

Archived Todo Lists

In 2013 I started a nice project of going through the MoHPC forums and comp.sys.hp48 messages to extract interesting information. The task is quite big and I may restart it in the future. But as long as I have little time, better to do little steps. Of course would be easier if the entire community would participate in the task.

Done ToDo list

Unfortunately is not the only one community that has done this, a lot of great communities don't self-organize their contributions :(
TED notepad, for instance.