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HP Prime Advanced Graphing Calculator

Quick Summary


Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard

Type: Graphing Calculator

Model: HP Prime

Part number:



The HP Prime advanced graphing calculator was released in September 2013 as a next generation calculator with cutting edge capabilities. It is primarily based on the HP-39gii graphing calculator, but includes a high-resolution color, touchscreen display, an advanced CAS system and unique and innovative control capabilities for teachers and educators. The calculator still provides a number of advanced mathematics users, and can be programmed in HP Prime Programing Language (HPPPL) as well as via custom apps.

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Team Members

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Prime Software Apps and Utilities/Libraries

Apps and small programs written for the HP Prime.

User Guides


Here are a list of sites where you can get help.


Programming Documentation


This is non-HP programming to create independent firmware. Would include assembler, C compiler, Linux and other non-standard HP programming links. Many of these are in the preliminary or research phase.

Prime Software Apps and Utilities/Libraries

Apps and small programs written for the HP Prime.

USB Connectivity Programming

Software written for communicating with the HP Prime through the USB port.