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Welcome to the HP Calculator Wiki!

This wiki was originally created to be a development home for repurposing the HP-20b calculator, but has since grown to support several repurposing projects. It is our hope that this grass-roots approach to calculator hacking will expand to include other many HP calculator models and open-source projects. We have configured this wiki so that it supports all HP calculators and projects, and any and all new projects are welcome. If you know of other repurpose-capable calculators or calculator hacking information that could be interesting to our audience, please add to the wiki.

Everyone is free to read and partake of the information here. Registered users will be able to edit, contribute and participate in all facets of this site. Registration is free, and takes only a few minutes 1). If you have any suggestions on how to improve this site, please contact me and let me know what you think.


Bruce Bergman, Administrator

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Highly recommended since a lot of useful pages are not directly reachable.

What's New?

Automatic list of recent changes

  • Major update to HP Prime page (Oct 2017)
  • Updated information on reflashing the WP 34s (Oct 2011)
  • Additional pages and a forum for the 41CL project, and brainstorming on the WP 43s project (Sep 2011)
  • Installed an experimental WP 34S online assembler/disassembler (Jul 2011)
  • Added many pages for the WP 34S project (Jun 2011)
  • Added links for the 41CL and WP34S platforms and project archives (Jun 2011)
  • Posted a link to Dave's HP Museum Forums, and our own NEW HP Calculator Enthusiast Forums (Feb 2011)
  • Posted a link to the Hewlett-Packard for the HP-20b (2010)
  • Added some content about the HP-12C+ (2009)
For the activation of “edit permissions” maybe a day will pass.
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